Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Movie Review - My Neighbor Totoro

We wrap up Miyazaki Month with perhaps his most famous and popular movie, "My Neighbor Totoro."

Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Written By: Hayao Miyazaki

In "My Neighbor Totoro," two little girls named Satsuki and Mei move to the country with their father to be closer to the hospital where their sick mother is staying. The house they move into is old and dusty and falling apart, but Mei and Satsuki still find interesting things to do, like discovering dust sprites. One day while Satsuki is at school, Mei follows a strange rabbit-like creature into the woods, and there she meets Totoro, a forest spirit. When she later tries to introduce her sister and father to Totoro, she can no longer find the path to him. Satsuki is jealous that she didn't get to meet a real forest spirit, especially when their father explains that forest spirits can only be seen when they want to be found - so Mei must be really special.
Satsuki soon gets her chance, however, when she waits one rainy night by the bus stop with Mei for their father. Totoro soon shows up and stand next to her to wait for the bus. Soon Satsuki realizes that Totoro is not waiting for the same bus as she is - he's waiting for the Cat Bus!
Now, it may be a little disturbing for us kitties to see a cat being used as a metal monster, but my mommy squeals everytime she sees the Cat Bus. In fact, she found the picture below, and it totally made her day.
After meeting Totoro at the bus stop, Satsuki and Mei and Totoro become friends, and have several adventures together. However, when Satsuki and Mei receive the sad news that their mother isn't able to come home from the hospital just yet, Mei gets very upset and takes off on foot to see her mother without telling anyone. When Satsuki can't find her sister on her own, she calls Totoro and, you got it, the Cat Bus for help.

This film is very imaginative . . . who else but Miyazaki could dream up a Cat Bus? And the fact that all the little forest spirits, including the great Totoro himself, look rather cat-like is definitely in the movie's favor. I give this film two paws up, and an extra whisker-twitch for its cuteness.

I won't be visiting or commenting today, because my mommy is taking the day off to go out and do fun stuff with Grandmama - can you believe they are going off without me? Hmph!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Congratulations, Karl and Ruis!

We are super excited! Karl and Ruis' wedding is just around the corner! We are already dressed up and ready to CELEBRATE!
It seems like only yesterday that the super romantic proposal and engagement happened!
Congratulations, Karl and Ruis! You are two wonderful mancats, and we just know that you will live happily ever after!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - What?

Holly (to Ivy): "What are you looking at, huh?"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dana's First Meme

The Torties said I could have the blog today on Tortie Tuesday, and Tybalt said he didn't mind, so today it is MEMEMEMEMEME! DANA!
Thanks Renna for tagging me! I'm soooooo excited!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I wasn't around yet! I'll only be four on July 1!

2. What are the 5 things on my to do list for today?
Nap! Wrestle Loki! Bark! Nap! Wrestle Loki!

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Peanut butter! Cheese! Peanutbutter doggie biscuits! Chicken basted chewies! Anything I can steal!

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
I would save more furries and bring them all home so we could PLAY all DAY! I'd make mommy stay home so that she could PLAY with me all DAY! I would buy a bigger house to PLAY all DAY in! I would buy more sofas and loveseats to roll around on, and more vents to nap in front of!
5. Three of my bad habits:
I jump on everyone because I'm so excited! I wrap myself around people and trip them because I'm so excited! I roll around on the loveseat and couch and scratch at the leather because it feels so good! I knock over the trash and surf the counters and tables because the twins tell me to! I steal kitty toys! And shoes! (Is that more than three?)

6. Five places I have lived:
I've only lived at four places. I was at the breeder, then the old people in Florida that bought me, then the rescue foster mom, then with Mommy and Loki and the kitties!

7. Five jobs I have had:
I play sheep for Loki so that he can herd me around the yard. I steal shoes and kitty toys so mommy can chase me and get exercise, so I'm a kind of personal trainer I think. I'm a kitty-sitter, I like spending time with the kitties. I'm a professional hugger and licker. I can also dance well - I like to shake my bootie!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Movie Review - Porco Rosso

First off, I want to wish a VERY VERY VERY Happy Birthday to ML!

Now, back to my month-long tribute to Hayao Miyazaki.
This week's film is unique, even for Miyazaki. In "Porco Rosso," we follow the adventures of, you guessed it, a pig!

Porco Rosso (1992)

Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki

Written by: Hayao Miyazaki

"Porco Rosso" opens with a stunning rescue by Porco of a group of schoolgirls taken hostage by Air Pirates. (You can see from the picture above that the schoolgirls were more trouble for the pirates than they were worth!) Soon we learn that Porco, a man with the face of a pig, is a former Italian Air Force pilot now working freelance for anyone with enough money. Porco has been living under a curse since a dogfight he was involved in during the war. (World War I) Even though his appearance is unusual, Porco has an excellent reputation as a pilot, and is still something of a heartbreaker.
Soon a flashy american pilot by the name of Donald Curtis appears as Porco's potential rival, not only for the title of top pilot, but for the affections of Gina, Porco's long-time friend. During an ill-fated encounter with Curtis, Porco's plane is seriously damaged, and he is forced to go back to Italy and his trusted mechanic Piccolo to have it repaired. The only problem is, he is a wanted man/pig in Italy.

Finally arriving at Piccolo's place, Porco finds that Italy has changed. The economy is so bad that most of the men have left the town to find better work, and the army is growing in strength. Piccolo puts his granddaughter Fio in charge of Porco's repairs - something Porco is against at first. With a crew of Italian grandmothers and Fio in charge, soon Porco's plane is in better shape than ever, and he has to take back all of his misgivings over women mechanics. However, the army is now on to his whereabouts, and Porco must leave before his repaired and improved plane is even tested - and despite his objections, Fio comes along on his daring escape from Italy, not only as his mechanic, but also to ensure that her grandfather gets paid for the work. Along the way, Fio learns of Porco's curse, and helps him to get back in touch with his lost humanity.

I give "Porco Rosso" two paws up and a tail curl! Not only is this film full of adventure and daring dogfights in the clouds, it also has a lot of humor. Ladybeans will love how the Italian grandmas prove Porco wrong about women, and how Fio is strong enough and brave enough to stand toe-to-toe with the jaded fighter pilot. This movie is unique, and should be given a lot more notice. I suggest you kitties give it a try!

Indiana Tybalt!

All set and ready to go adventuring with my precious Sammie-Pie.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stormy Weather!

Mommy made it home to me right before the bad, bad, bad storm came on Tuesday night. We thought it was only a severe thunderstorm, but a tornado actually visited our area. Mommy was so impressed by how much hail we got, that she had to take a picture of it. Here is our back deck - our whole yard and the rooftops were all white with it, like it had just snowed!

Here is a little better look at the hail. It was small, but there was a lot of it. Some people close to us had ginormous hail! We were all very glad we didn't get that kind.
By 6:30 pm Tuesday night we had no power. Mommy opened all the windows she could and lit some candles. During the worst of the storm, she herded all of us furry babies into the basement, but when it passed we all got to roam the house wherever we liked. You can see in these pictures that even though it wasn't even 7:00 yet, it was already super dark outside because of all the bad weather.
Here is Dana on the back of the loveseat. She has one of our kitty toys in her mouth! She's super happy she's inside and not outside, and she's even more excited that she is getting to romp free in the house.
Here is a close-up of her . . . see how she is smiling? Our poor kitty toy will never be the same, though.
Here I am on the kitchen counter asking for more temptations. I was a little bad, because I wouldn't follow mommy into the basement. After my solo adventure down there with Ivy, I never want to go down there again. I sat at the top of the steps all poofed up and watched everyone else go in and out of the basement, but I wouldn't do it. I was glad I really didn't have to go down there. I may have scratched mommy a little bit if she had made me. *embarrassed*
Here is Loki, taking his turn on the back of the loveseat. That is the doggies' favorite spot. Loki was just relaxing after all the excitement. He was upset the air conditioner and fans weren't working, though. Loki hates to be warm. He loves cool breezes blowing through his furs. You can tell he is panting a little bit.

Here is Loki having himself a good skritch. He barked at the loud storm while it was going on, but then he calmed down when it got quiet again. However, when it was bed time, he kept crying and begging to be let back out so that he could check out what all the neighbors were doing since they were all busy with the storm clean-up. This didn't make mommy very happy with him.

Are you wondering where the Tortie Twins were?

They were down in the basement exploring and ignoring mommy! Mommy finally convinced them it was better to be upstairs than downstairs. Holly came up first (of course.) Ivy took a lot more convincing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - Useful

So, last week Tybalt did the "7 Useful Things Meme," and we weren't included. However, Bendrix, Ivy's personal hero and role model, tagged her for the meme, so we are BOTH going to do it today. Ivy gets to go first, since she was the one who was tagged.
  1. Tybalt isn't the only alarm clock kitty around the house. I make sure to wake mommy up no later than 3:30 am every morning by whapping the bedroom blinds. Mommy never oversleeps.
  2. I keep mommy in shape. I make sure she has to chase me to keep me from being naughty at least once every day. She gets a good cardio workout.
  3. I test out all the furniture by sharpening my claws on it. Not only does it give it a certain stylish flair, but it also makes sure that I keep a flawless pawdicure.
  4. I talk to mommy a lot. She is never lonely. Sometimes we have entire conversations. I will even wake her up to have one.
  5. I keep mommy company. It is never fun to nap alone, so I always make sure that I am either next to her or right on top of her whenever she lays down.
  6. I know mommy has a kittenish playful side, and I keep her feeling young by playing "cover wars" with her in bed. This is when I tunnel underneath the sheets and attack her from behind with my teeth and claws. I know she likes this because she yells and grabs for me. Then I run away and then sneak back in so we can start all over again. The best times are when mommy is wearing a nightgown and I can squirm my way underneath that as well and attack her bum. I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing cover wars!
  7. Mommy needs a new carpet in her room, and I like to remind her that she need to update her decor by clawing it up. This way she has a constant reminder that her bedroom needs an upgrade.


  1. I make sure all of mommy's kitchen things are in order by opening the cabinets and drawers and going through everything. Sometimes I will even drag out something that I think she needs to get rid of, or pay more attention to.
  2. If I find something of mommy's that is fragile, and I find personally distasteful, I will help her out by whapping it to the floor and breaking it. That way it goes in the trash and doesn't offend my sensibilities anymore. I have helped mommy out with numerous objects, including a coffee pot and a candleholder. This way mommy's house remains tasteful and understated.
  3. I see mommy off to work every morning. I begin by helping her put her shoes on, then I sit next to her bag on the table and rub against her, and I finish by following her downstairs. Sometimes the others join me, and sometimes they don't, but I always see her off. Always.
  4. There is nothing healthier than kitty snot. That is why I make sure to sneeze it on mommy or fling it on her at least once a day. I find the best time is right when mommy has gotten in to bed at night and has closed her eyes. It's easier to get maximum coverage when she is still.
  5. I keep a vigilant watch out of the windows for evil squirrels and birdies. I will yell at them if they get too close to the house or (horrors!) come up on the porch. You can never be too careful of squirrels, especially. I just know they have an evil master plan . . .
  6. I make mommy squeal with my cute toesies. She just loves my paws and how cute they are with the extra toes. I use them to hold mommy still when I want to give her love bites, and I use them to open cabinet doors and drawers. They are also useful to bat toys away from your fursiblings when you think it is your turn to play. Mommy never gets on to me for anything I do with my "mittens," because I am just too cute.
  7. I don't talk as much as Ivy and Tybalt do, but I can yell very loudly when I want to. This is how I let mommy know that I am lonely. I know that if I am lonely, then she must be, too. Not only does mommy get more exercise by hunting me down to see what is wrong with me when I yell, but she also gets to pick me up and cuddle me when she finds me. Everyone knows cuddling cute kitties like me is healthy for mommies.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mancat Monday - Mommy?

That is what I am saying in this picture. I've got a lot to question mommy about on this Mancat Monday. Mommy, why didn't you help me visit my friends more last week? Mommy, why were you gone working all day on Saturday? Mommy, why did you get up this morning and go to work? Mommy, don't you owe me a day of snuggling?
Sure, Almost Dad stayed home with us furry babies from Wednesday night on through yesterday afternoon - but let's face it kitties, Almost Dad is ok and all, but he isn't MOMMY. And while the other furries in the house may not notice the difference as much, let me tell you, I most definitely do. My person is mommy, and I haven't had nearly enough time with her this past week. It is enough to make a kitty revolt! No more snuggling! No more purring! No more playing! No more anything from me for mommy until she gives me the time and attention I deserve! Just call me Ty Guevera . . . VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Well, maybe I won't go that far, but I plan on letting mommy know just how lonely and unloved I feel. I think I deserve an extra day of snuggling and many more temptations to make up for this mommy absence, don't you?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Movie Review - Castle In The Sky

For week three of my tribute to Miyazaki, I am reviewing "Castle in the Sky," yet another wonderful animated fantasy adventure.

Castle in the Sky (1986)

Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki

Written by: Hayao Miyazaki

"Castle in the Sky" opens with a remarkable sight: a girl gently floating down from the sky. Pazu, a boy training as a mechanic in the mines, catches her before she lands and cares for her. When she wakes up, Pazu finds out that her name is Sheeta, and that she is running away from government agents who have kidnapped her because of the family heirloom she wears around her neck - a stone that glows when she is in danger.

Pazu soon finds himself not only helping Sheeta hide and escape from the government, but also from a family of sky pirates, who are more comical than scary. Together Pazu and Sheeta try to unravel the mystery of her family's past, the importance of the stone, and what it all has to do with the mythical place Pazu's father once saw : a castle in the sky.

"Castle in the Sky" once again follows Miyazaki's common theme of how human greed and corruption can ruin a beautiful and peaceful environment. In this film, the government's desire to find and utilize the technology that can be found in the abandoned castle causes them to take drastic measures, such as kidnapping and threatening a young girl. The government's desire for the technology is also for military reasons, not peaceful purposes that would benefit mankind.

I give "Castle in the Sky" two paws up for being an animated feature that was ahead of its time. Not only does it have romance and adventure, it also has giant robots, glowing stones, mystery, air ships, and a lost civilization floating in the clouds!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tigger's Big Birthday Bash!

Happy Thursday, Everykitty! Don't forget to drop by the M-Cats Club today for Mr. Tigger's Surprise Birthday/Gotcha Day Party! We have all sorts of yummy treats, and nip beverages for the mature kitty. I'll be bartending all day, and the special is my World Famous Niptini, but we also have Meowgaritas and Mother's Milk as well. (Just for you, Skeezix!)

I'm looking forward to seeing all of my friends and having at least one dance with my sweet tuxie princess Samantha. Holly and Ivy are wearing their party hats and are super excited. I'm glad they didn't tell Mr. Tigger the big secret! Holly and Ivy are both saving dances for their special friend Cody, and Holly is looking forward to sharing a niptini with Kashim, while Ivy is hoping Java is able to come so they can practice the bunny hop that Lando Bun taught her on Valentine's Day. So come on over and enjoy the PAWTAY!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - The Gang's All Here!

Mommy is really busy today, so my post is late and I won't be able to visit my friends. DRAT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tattlin' Tortie Tuesday

Holly: I have my party hat on!

Ivy: I have my party hat on, too!

Holly: You want to know why?

Ivy: Because our brother was trying to keep a secret from us! But thanks to the catblogosphere (and my mad email hacking skillz) we found out about Mr. Tigger's Party at the M-Cat Club!

Holly: Yeah, Tybalt! You thought you could keep us away, but too bad, fluffy boy! We know all about the surprise party for Mr. Tigger that you and Samantha and Kashim and Othello are planning! I can't believe you didn't know Kashim would tell me. Or that Ivy would get into your email!

Ivy: Yeah, Tibbles, you should know better than to leave your password lying around! Ha ha ha! So now the Tortie Twins are all set to PARTY!!!!!!

Holly: Remember, everykitty! The big surprise birthday party for Mr. Tigger is Thursday, May 15th at the M-Cats Club!

Ivy: I hope the rest of our tortie sisters come!

Holly: Yeah, just let those mancats try to kick the torties out of the club after midnight!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mystery Monday - CCSI Review: The Missing Mummy Caper

Today it is my great pleasure to bring to you my review of Little Productions' latest CCSI thriller, "CCSI III: The Missing Mummy Caper."

The scene opens at the opulent Catroville Manor on Mother's Day morning, with a blood-chilling cry for help.
It is Cleocatra, shocked at the sight of her father lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. When her three brothers rush to the scene, they not only find their wounded father, but also strange clues: a puddle of water on the floor, large paw prints, missing food items, and worse yet - a missing Mama Patti! CCSI detective Bucky Bun and an ambulance are called for immediately.

Detective Bucky Bun and his assistant Detective Harry Moe quickly arrive and scope out the situation. Finding no source of forced entry, Detective Bun quickly concludes that the catnapper knows Mama Patti. Who could have catnapped Mama Patti, and on Mother's Day, too?

Following a set of clues, the fearless CCSI detectives soon find out the source of the strange clues, and what happened to Mama and Papa.

"CCSI III: The Missing Mummy Caper" has a surprise twist ending, which is what the series has come to be known for. Fans will not be disappointed in this latest entry. Special mention has to be given to Orlando Bun, who gives a stunning performance as the first-ever bun CCSI detective! This reviewer gives it two paws up, and a happy chirp for a job well done!

If you haven't yet seen it, you can see both parts at the links below:
Detective Bucky Bun - Orlando Bun
Detective Harry Moe - Mickey
Policeman #1 - Rocky
Policeman #2 - Maya
Papa Adam Ball - Mr. Hendrix
Mama Patti Ball - Marilyn Monroew
Cleoctra Ball - Charlotte
Tonto Ball - Pablo
Mika Ball - Eric
Rudy Ball - Merlin
Ling Ling - Jessica
Mr. Doog - Roxy The Devil Dog
Peachy Pitt - Miss Peach
Catherine Pitt - Ariel
Uncle Bill - Cameron
Paramedic #1 - Tyler
Paramedic #2 - Derby
Nurse #1 - Tamra Maew
Nurse #2 - Zippy
Dr. Kieran - Dr. Tweety
Townsfolk - Scylla
Townsfolk - Beau
Townsfolk - Sassy (From Taylor Catsssss)
Townsfolk - Brainball
Cameo Appearance - Sassy Kat
Executive Producer - Sassy Kat
Producers & Directors - Opus & Roscoe
Writer - Criz LaiExecutive Board - Sassy Kat, Momo Kitty, Karl & Ruis
Advertising & Marketing Director - Momo Kitty
Assistant To Executive Producer - Momo Kitty
Casting - Sassy Kat Head
Graphic Team - Karl, Ruis, Opus & Roscoe
Graphics For CCSI III - Opus & Roscoe
Graphics For CCSI III Promotions - Karl & Sassy
Set Designer - Karl
Costume Designer - Sassy Kat

Friday, May 9, 2008

Relay For Life Fundraiser

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Thanks so much, everykitty! Your support means so much to Uncle Sean. He has reached his goal twice in a row now! It is very exciting for all of us. I am going to keep this sticky up here until the BIG DAY to remind us all that Uncle Sean is doing his best for beans and furries with cancer and their families. Mommy and I are very proud of Uncle Sean, and so touched by the catblogosphere's support! Purrrs to all of you! You are the BEST!

If you wish to donate, CLICK HERE.

Friday Movie Review - Princess Mononoke

Today we continue with our month-long tribute to the works of Hayao Miyazaki with mommy's second favorite Miyazaki film (behind "Howl's Moving Castle"), "Princess Mononoke."

Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki

Written by: Hayao Miyazaki

"Princess Mononoke" is a riveting fairytale adventure, in which human industry is at war with the natural order - a film Al Gore would approve of! This is the most mature of Miyazaki's works to date.

In the beginning of the film, we meet Ashitaka, the prince of a people who are slowly dying out. A possessed boar attacks their village, and Ashitaka manages to slay it, but becomes infected with its poisonous hatred through a wound inflicted by the boar. Ashitaka must leave his village to find the source of the hatred, and to hopefully find a cure for his cursed wound.

Setting out on his elk, Ashitaka travels west in order to find the source of the corruption. Along the way he aids a seriously wounded man, and sees giant white wolves accompanied by a mysterious young girl. The girl is trying to suck the bullet out of a wound on the wolf. When Ashitaka tries to speak to her, she only tells him to go away, and runs back into the woods with the wolves. Ashitaka finds himself intrigued by the girl, and can't forget her.

In an attempt to get the wounded man home more quickly, Ashitaka takes the direct route through the forest back to the man's village. There they are greeted by hundreds of kodama, or forest spirits. While Ashitaka is happy to see them, since it means that the forest is healthy and happy, the man is terrified of the spirits and believes them to be evil.
The wounded man's attitude towards the kodama is a clue to how his village views the forest. Once Ashitaka arrives at the village, he sees that the surrounding forest has been cut down and burned for strip-mining. Lady Eboshi, the woman in charge of the village, has brought prosperity to the people of the village by introducing them to mining for iron, and for teaching them to manufacture and use firearms. While Ashitaka is impressed with how Lady Eboshi has helped the people, even personally taking care of and employing lepers, he is disturbed to find out that the villagers have no problem with burning down the surrounding forest, and killing the forest protectors. He soon learns that the cursed boar that attacked his village was really Nago, the guardian of the forest surrounding Lady Eboshi's village. Lady Eboshi shot and fatally wounded him with a bullet, then stripped his forest. Lady Eboshi and her village are the source of the boar's hatred and his cursed wound. Ashitaka also learns that the girl he saw with the wolves is San, a human who was raised by the guardian wolf of the kodama-filled forest he has just left - the home of the Forest Spirit. San is known to the villagers as Princess Mononoke, and they hate and fear her and her wolf family, as they know San and the wolves seek revenge for the forest they have destroyed.

Ashitaka understands both Lady Eboshi and San's point of view, and desperately tries to find a solution to end the hatred that is cursing them all. Can Ashitaka find a way to help both humans and the forest coexist peacefully?

This film is beautiful, and has a wonderful message for those who watch it. Miyazaki doesn't provide the audience with the happily-ever-after they wish for. Terrible and hurtful things happen in this movie, echoing how in real life humanity has used and harmed nature selfishly without any thought of future consequences. While there is great beauty and tenderness in this film, there is also destruction and hurt. San's struggle between her loyalty to the forest and its creatures and her budding affection for kind Ashitaka echoes the struggle the audience feels between understanding the needs of the villagers, but also hating the needless destruction of the forest.

I give this film two paws up, a tail poof, and as many purrs as my motor can purr out.