Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tortie Tuesday - Weeeeeeee're Baaaaaaaack!

Hello everykitty! It's Ivy with the Tortie Tuesday report!

Mommy was off last Monday AND Tuesday, which was PAWSOME . . . but it meant she didn't take time to help us blog. Oh well, I guess a kitty has to take what she can get.

On the other paw, the FD got his very own camera, and so he is taking a LOT more pictures of us with it. After a photo shoot he lets mommy know that he's taken "more pictures for the blog."

Shhhh . . . just between you and me kitties that camera was given to the FD by his daddy who lives in California because he didn't think mommy and the FD took enough pictures of the CCB. Ha ha ha! *ahem* Anyway, the FD is also using it to capture his furry children as well, which is what any good daddy would do.

Here I am (Ivy). I call this my 'sultry' look. I give it to the FD a lot.

And here I am, giving the FD my 'quizzical' look. I usually reserve this for mommy when she asks me "What have you been up to?" and uses THAT TONE in her voice. You know the tone I'm talking about, right kitties? You can also refer to this as the 'innocent' or 'who, me?' look.

Here is my sister Holly enjoying the fresh air. It has been HOTHOTHOT a lot this year, but whenever it cools off enough in the mornings the FD will open a window for us to enjoy. He's a good daddy.

And here is Holly again. You can see her extra toesies really well in this one!

Happy Tortie Tuesday Everykitty!