Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday


I wouldn't blame all of you if you have forgotten me. When mommy went back to work after the blurp, she told me we'd have more time to keep up with my friends.

Have we?


To be honest, kitties, I don't see regular blogging in my future anytime soon. But I thought I would go ahead today and update you all on how we are doing.

Everything is about the blurpy girl nowadays, so I suppose I'll start by letting you know that the blurp is doing great. She will be 5 months old on April 15. I can't believe it! Time flies when you have a blurp around. I have taught her how to smergle, so she smergles her blankies and her clothes and her toys . . . and she'd probably smergle me if I let her get her little paws on me, but I don't. I teach her things from a safe distance. (Everyone says the blurp is teething, but I know she is getting in touch with her inner meezer and is smergling just like her big brother Tybalt.) The blurp likes to smile and when she is really happy she will giggle. She likes to roll around now and play with toys, and she loves watching the TV with the Forever Dad. She is super interested in us kitties now and likes to watch us. I am sure she is a future Cat Lady.

As for me, I'm doing okay. I still don't think I get enough attention. I used to have the pawparazzi following me around all the time, and now they follow the blurp. I used to sit in mommy's lap and get carried around, and now she holds and carries the blurp. I used to sleep with mommy at night, but now I am not allowed to because every time mommy lets me in I jump in with the sleeping blurp and wake her up. Mommy tells me blurpy sleeping time is sacred, but I don't get what the big deal is. You'd think she'd be honored that I would even want to snuggle with the blurp.


The girls don't seem to notice the difference as much as I do, but then again I am my mommy's special boy, so lack of mommy time bothers me more. The girls get to hang out with their FD a lot during the day while the blurp is being watched by Grandmama and mommy is at work, so I suppose everything is peachy in their world. Well, Ivy has started pooing outside the litterbox again, but when doesn't Ivy have poo issues? Mommy says she is "special." Ivy has also started trying to run for the great outdoors again as well, which has scared mommy and made her mad. Ivy never learns.

Since the camera goes where the blurp goes, and pretty much EVERY picture takes nowadays is of the blurp, there aren't any good recent pictures of me. However, Holly did get some attention by claiming a bag on the floor and not letting mommy throw it away.

Oh, and guess what?

I have always secretly wanted a stroller. I have often dreamed of going strollering with mommy, and enjoying the fresh air and birdies and flowers and maybe even seeing Timmy the Squirrel, my arch-nemesis, close up.

Have I ever gotten a stroller or gone strollering?


But guess who has?

Yes. I admit it. I am jealous.

Sammie-pie, think I could come over and stay with you awhile?