Friday, January 29, 2010

Help Parker Vote!

I'm sure all of you know my beautiful friend Parker. (Hopefully my sweet Sammie-pie won't get jealous because I acknowledged that Parker is, well, a very attractive ladycat.)

Anyway, Parker is asking everykitty and their beans to go vote for the Wayside Waifs and their video "7000 Stories." It shows some of the furries that they have helped. It is super easy to vote! All you have to do is go to the website here and look until you find the blue merle doggie (black and grey with spots) and then click on the picture, and then click on "vote!" How easy is that? But everykitty needs to hurry and do it, because today is the last day.

I've already gotten my mommy to vote twice - once yesterday and once today. I tried to let Parker know on her page, but I'm having problems leaving comments on her posts . . . but I'll figure out that problem soon. In the meantime, Parker, I'm doing my best to help spread the word!

Also, I was poking around the pictures on the computer, and I found a picture mommy took in Helen, GA last spring.

Sigh. We are supposed to get freezing rain and sleet tonight.

Where oh where are you Spring? We southern kitties can only take so much of the wintry weather.

PS: A lot of our special kitty friends need extra purrs and purrayers. Please know that while mommy and I may not be around on my bloggie very much, we still care about you all, and you always have our love, purrs, and purrayers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember Me?

Just in case you don't, here is one of my handsomer portraits to jog your memory.

Mommy is back at work, which means she'll have more time to be my secretary than she would if she was actually at home with me and the blurpy girl. Blurpy girls take up A LOT of time and energy. You kitties with blurps know what I mean, right? I still get temptations, I still get skritches (although admittedly not as many as in the pre-blurp days), but things just aren't the same. Mommy tells me I'm still her sweet baby, but that the blurpy girl needs her more right now. I guess that is true, but my feelings are still hurt. I cry at mommy a lot and try to snuggle with the blurp on her lap, even though there isn't room for me and the blurp is still too small to snuggle on top of.


The blurp is growing like a weed, though, so I have hopes that if mommy won't pay me as much attention as I think she should, then the blurp will pick up the slack. Even though I am a teensy bit jealous, I have to admit she is pretty cute . . . for a blurp.

I'll have to teach the blurp how to walk on all fours soon. All she does now is lay around and let people carry her. How is she going to stalk mousies that way?