Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancat Monday - Update

Hello, kitties!

Alas, once again there is no new picture today. Mommy has good intentions I know, but somehow the picture taking just doesn't commence. It's a shame, because I was extra cute this past weekend.

Mommy and the FD had a super long and tiring week last week. The FD started his summer classes (this is his next to last semester for his BBA!) and mommy had work and classes, too. Mommy needs to stop thinking she is superwoman, because taking classes this summer while being pregnant sure is wearing her out. She's halfway done with them this week, though. The FD's classes started after hers, so he still has 6 weeks to go.

Grandmama and the FD started painting our bedroom a nice brown color that the FD really approves of. Apparently he wasn't a fan of the gold color it used to be, although he didn't tell mommy that until they started painting on Saturday. Mommy and I supervised the painting, and for the first time in what seems like a very long time mommy cooked dinner for everyone, so there was a lot of excitement for us furries. It was chicken!!!! I managed to look extra adorable and hungry, and even hopped right up in the middle of the table once.

Now that the FD is with us all the time, Ivy has calmed down quite a bit. All of her lovely furs have grown back, and she has cut down on her outside-of-the-litterbox poo to once a day. The FD REALLY wishes she would cut that down to NEVER. Mommy said to give her time and maybe she'll quit that once and for all once she is assured that the FD isn't going anywhere. Mommy didn't have the heart to tell him that she may start it all up again once the alien blurpy comes home . . . Ivy may need some extra time to adjust to that.

Ivy has been spending a lot of time with her FD, and Holly has been spending some extra time grooming mommy. Apparently mommies with alien blurpies in their tummies need A LOT of grooming. I snuggle with mommy every night, and refuse to budge for her during her frequent potty breaks. A handsome mancat needs his beauty sleep, after all. Dana and Loki are both doing well, except they are losing their coats like crazy. Mommy caught me playing with some of their floof the other day and took it away from me before I swallowed it (even though I was extra cute doing my best bunnykick on it.) Toby is still our little doggie brother, only he's not so little anymore and is making his Forever Home next door with his brother Riku and Grandmama. He got so comfy over there, and is so close to his brother, that mommy and Grandmama decided it was best for him to stay over there. Mommy and the FD still see him every day, and Loki and Dana like to visit with him and Riku through the fence. We kitties see him through the windows, which is FINE with me. Holly and Ivy love doggies, but I'm strictly a mommy-loving kitty.

I think that is all for now . . . I wanted to let everykitty know how we are doing, even if we are picture-less. Mommy is very tired and busy, and has been headachy again the past few days, so I don't really have my secretary back yet, plus I've been busy snuggling on her and catching up on my naps, too.

Purrs to you all, and I hope to have both pictures and the Friday Movie Review back up soon!
(Hint: Star Trek!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Official!

This past Saturday Almost Dad officially became our Forever Dad.

And guess who was there?

The Purrageous Mom

So far Almost Dad being Forever Dad is working out pretty well. I'm still trying to train him on where his spot in the bed is, and I'm working on getting him to not listen to mommy and give me Temptations even if I've already had them. He's already a pretty good litter box scooper, and he plays well. Ivy is in seventh heaven. This morning when mommy was getting ready for her dayhunting gig, she saw Ivy snuggled up against the new FD purring like mad.

This is my first slideshow, so I hope it turned out well. These are pictures from the big event! Thank you all for your congratulations, love, and support. It means a lot to me and mommy and the FD!

If you can't view the slideshow, then try clicking here.