Thursday, May 28, 2009


Do you remember me? The devastatingly handsome and romantic mancat with lovely floof and sultry blue eyes?

In case you don't, let me refresh your memory.

Those were the days, my friend. Back when my mommy would help me pose and look my handsomest. She said something to me last weekend about doing a photo shoot, but WE NEVER DID! Granted, we did take a few naps together, but still . . . my blogging has been neglected. I've lost all touch with my furry friends, and my poor tuxie princess has been lonely!

Never you fear, Sammie-pie, this dedication is for you.

I can't breath when you're away
It pulls me down
You are the question and the answer am I
Only you can see me through
I leave it up to you

(And I think Billy Sweetfeets may like it, too!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alien Blurpy Humor

Mommy got this sent to her in the email and thought it was too funny (and true.) Since I know there are several of us out there with alien blurpies on the way (or pretty new blurps), I thought I'd share.

The five best prenatal yoga postures

The Pringle. Lie on your back with a can of chips balanced on your stomach. See if you can eat them all before you fall asleep.
The Sneeze. As the sneeze approaches, squeeze your knees together, breathe in and out, and try to remember what it used to feel like to "hold it in." Keep this pose while you hobble to the bathroom to change your underwear.
The Calf Cramp. Try to stretch around your belly and rub your leg while simultaneously screaming loudly enough to wake everyone in your zip code.
The Pesto Burp. Bring your chin to your chest and exhale as silently as you can through your closed mouth. Reward yourself with a nice, meditative Fudgesicle.
The Sleeping Hip. Lie on your side until you lose all feeling. Roll onto your other side and repeat. Namaste!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Proof That Furries Love Their Mommies

. . . whether their mommy is a bean or a furry.

When I read this, I thought it was purrfect and had to share with all of our moms out there. It made me and my mommy all leaky-eyed. (Of course, mommy gets leaky-eyed a lot easier these days, but I still think this was totally worth a leak or two.)

A poor doggie got hit by a big metal monster on a busy expressway, but her son rushed to the rescue and kept traffic away all by himself until the police came . . . and even after they arrived, he stayed to make sure his mommy was taken care of properly, and that no one else hurt her. *sniffle*

If you want to skip straight to the story, here is a video:

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Great Phil Harris

You all probably know Phil Harris the best for his voice acting in classic Disney movies . . . he was Baloo in "The Jungle Book," Thomas O'Malley in "The Aristocats," and Little John in "Robin Hood."

Mommy has loved him since she was a kitten. He had a wonderful voice and a great sense of humor. We were playing on youtube and found one of his quirky and funny songs, "The Thing," and wanted to share it with all of you kitties.