Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope EVERY KITTY is sitting down! This is going to be a shock! I am not sure what happened overnight, but this morning I saw a MIRACLE! YES! A MIRACLE! I was yowling and chirping outside of mommy's bathroom door like I do every morning, demanding that she come out and spend time with me. And then . . . mommy came out, but she looked different! Mommy had a little black nose and whiskers . . . and fuzzy kitty ears! Mommy looked like US! MOMMY IS A KITTY! Here is PROOF!

Oh, I am so excited! Holly and Ivy and I can't stop talking about it. We kept trying to climb mommy to investigate the ears more closely, but she said we didn't have time for that this morning. Maybe later I'll be able to get a better look. Oh, this is indeed a most wondrous day!

Last night was fun as well. Not nearly as exciting, but interesting nonetheless. Last night mommy came home from grandmamas later than she usually does, and she brought back two strange round orange things. They smelled kind of interesting and my sisters and I had to check them out. All three of us are very busy and curious kitties, so anything new that comes to the house has to be looked over thoroughly.

Are those mousies?!?!

Ivy said the other one looked like a prowling kitty. Holly claims that she was mommy's model for this one. You know how Holly is . . . anything Halloweenish belongs to her. *eye roll*

Here Holly is checking her pumpkin out. She even showed how she posed for mommy.

Why didn't you use me as a model, mommy? Aren't my laser eyes scary enough?

Mommy wanted me to let everyone know that she will be keeping us kitties extra safe tonight. None of us are ever allowed outside anyway, but she's making doubly sure of that this evening. I told Holly that this proved there would be no broom ride, but she ignored me. She's been nesting and purring all morning and looking very content. I will be keeping a close eye on her today.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tortie Tuesday with the Terrible Twins!

Tybalt: Because I am a thoughtful and generous prince, I decided to share my blog with my sisters today. I just hope they don't embarrass me. Okay . . . it is your turn, ladies.

Ivy: Thanks Tybalt! Happy Tortie Tuesday everyone! My sister and I would like to say hello again and apologize that we haven't been more active in the Tortie community. We've been busy exploring cabinets, climbing furniture, and scratching up walls, but that is really no excuse for not being here more! Although I have to say Tybalt hasn't exactly been sharing his blog well lately . . .

Tybalt: HEY! That's not true! I share with you all the time. You and Holly don't like to share with me. Here is proof:
Holly wouldn't share the fun pink toy with me last night! Everytime mommy whirled it around for us, you or Holly would jump on it and take it away so that I didn't have a chance.

Holly: I'm sorry about that, Tybalt, but you have to understand that it is very important for me to practice my gymnastics skills for tomorrow night. I need to be able to balance on the back of mommy's broom, and be able to jump back on it if I slip.

Tybalt: Stop saying that! Mommy isn't a witch!

Holly: You'll see.

Ivy: Anyway, back to Tortie Tuesday. I thought it was important to have a close-up taken . . . for no particular reason. I just thought maybe everyone would appreciate it if mommy gave you a better look at me . . .

Holly: I'm sure Bendrix will love that picture, sister. *snicker*

Ivy: *blush*

Holly: I had mommy take a picture of me practicing for our big night . . . HALLOWEEN! I am practicing my best "witch cat" look. This is how I plan to sit on the back of mommy's broom. I have to look alert to keep a sharp eye out for bats and ghosts and other spooky things! Notice how I spread my whiskers wide so that I can feel the cool autumn breeze blow through them.

I am so excited! I can't wait!

Tybalt: You will be disappointed Holly . . . I'm telling you, there will be no broom ride! I asked mommy and she told me so.

Holly: She just doesn't want to hurt your feelings, Tibbles.

Ivy: Stop picking on our brother, Holly. You know how sensitive he is about mommy. And he doesn't like anyone but her to call him "Tibbles" either. Now you've embarrassed him. I bet we never get to use his blog again!

Tybalt: We'll have to discuss this further later, ladies. For now I think our Tortie Tuesday has come to an end. I don't want to be humiliated anymore in front of the other mancats. Sisters are such a trial!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mancat Name Meme

Happy Mancat Monday to all of us gorgeous mancats out there!

Baby Mao and Yao-Lin tagged all of us kitties to do the name meme, so I thought I would give it a try.

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic) Mouse Fluffy

YOUR GANGSTER NAME: (favorite toy-filler + favorite cookie) Catnip Oatmeal

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color + favorite animal species) Blue Birdie

YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of your first name) Mcpty

SUPERHERO NAME: (“The” + 2nd favorite color + favorite drink) The Purple Cream

NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) Guy Dean (borrowed from mommy)

STRIPPER NAME: (your favorite scent + favorite treat) Chicken Dairy Temptation

SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday + favorite flower) Autumn Chrysanthemum

CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit + article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”) Blueberry Nudie

HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast + your favorite plant) 9 Lives Pine Tree

YOUR ROCK STAR TOUR NAME: (“The” + Your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + “Tour”) The Purring Sunshine Tour

Would you kitties go see me, Mouse Fluffy, on my Purring Sunshine Tour? *snicker*

That was fun! Thanks Kitties!

I am now tagging my friends Captain Jack and Dante for this name meme! I bet their names will be interesting.

Also, my sisters and brother and I send lots of love, snuggles, purrs, and even doggie tail wags to Miss Peach. Get better soon! We all love you very much.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Frightful Friday

As I was patrolling my kingdom last night, I noticed that Holly was laughing. She usually isn't much of a kitty for laughing, so I knew right away that something was different.

I grew very suspicious, and started taking very careful stock of my surroundings. Imagine my horror at what I saw! Mommy has redecorated the house with some very disturbing objects. Here are some examples.

On the mantel:
On the entertainment center:

And on the door . . .this piece of evidence is the most damning of all!!!!

You can see me looking outside to make sure someone else didn't leave it behind by mistake. Anyone out there missing a broom?

No wonder Holly was so happy! She got her way! My Mommy is a witch!!!!!!!!

I had to seek comfort from a random straw.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Savannah Thursday Thirteen

Savannah, Georgia is where my mommy travelled to when she was away earlier this week. She brought back lots of pictures and showed them to me. I picked out the ones I thought were the best to share with all of you.

This is a picture of the Savannah River taken right outside the hotel Mommy stayed at.

I have never seen that much water or those kinds of trees where I live. I bet there is some good bird watching there! Here is a boat that mommy got to ride on. I don't think I would like to be on a boat. I don't like getting wet.
This is historic River Street. Mommy walked up and down this street lots.

The people in Savannah are funny. All you hear about are ghosts and pirates. Mommy saw this sign in a store on River Street.
Since she heard so much about the ghosts, Mommy went on a trolley Ghost Tour. Even the tip jar for the guide was spooky!
Mommy didn't see any ghosts. I think that is a good thing. Wouldn't seeing a ghost be scary? Holly was disappointed that nothing spooky happened to mommy. I think Holly was mad that she didn't get to go on the ghost tour, too. Ivy said she wanted to go riding on the tugboats mommy saw. Ivy wants to wear a captain's hat and blow the horn at other ships.

Since today is Thursday, I thought I would give a Thursday Thirteen on WHY Mommy should have taken us with her to Savannah.

1) Mommy would have had someone to snuggle with at night.

2) Holly would have scared everyone on the Haunted Trolley more than the ghost stories did.

3) Ivy would have made the trip much more exciting by stowing away on a tugboat.

4) Mommy would have had someone to birdwatch with.

5) She couldn't finish all of her shrimp and grits at dinner. With us along, her plate would have been cleaned.

6) No one made sure that Mommy woke up at exactly 5:30 in the morning. I am better than any alarm clock.

7) There was no one to be on bug patrol. Mommy saw 3 roaches and there was no one around to save her!

8) No one stole her straws.

9) Palm trees look fun to climb.

10) We would have stared out the window with her for hours watching the boats go by.

11) The pigeons and seagulls needed to be taught manners.

12) No one was waiting on her to come back to her hotel room at night.

13) She missed us and we missed her! This is the most important reason she should have brought us with her.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home is Where the Heart Is

Thanks to every kitty who came by to visit and who shared words of comfort with me in my time of mommy-less distress! You are all too wonderful, and I am grateful to have you as friends. =^_^=

Mommy came home yesterday, just like she promised. At first, I pouted. I refused to purr at her and I put my ears back when she picked me up to give me a hello snuggle. I did not want her to think she can just waltz out on us anytime she likes without repercussions! I couldn't keep it up for too long, though. When it was time for bed, I was purring and snuggling against her the same as always, although my purrs may have been extra loud.

Mommy took some pictures of Savannah while she was gone, and I hope to have them up to show all of you tomorrow. Mommy says she saw a lot of dogs walking around, and even shopping in stores, but no kitties! NO KITTIES?! I do not think I like Savannah much if they don't let kitties sight-see and shop. I am surprised mommy had fun at all.

Just because I didn't want my mommy to leave doesn't mean I wasn't helpful. A prince has to overcome his own personal feelings and do his duties, no matter how distasteful or painful they may be. I supervised mommy's packing, and even helped her. Holly and Ivy decided to join in as well.

I even asked her if she was sure she didn't want to take me along, and double checked her list to make sure that she had everything.

Can I come too? Is this all you need?

If you are a very sharp-eyed kitty, you can see where I packed an extra special item in mommy's suitcase. I can't believe she almost forgot it herself!

No one should ever be without a straw! It is even red, her favorite color. I am nothing if not a thoughtful prince. Purrrr.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spreading the Mews

Well, Mommy left us this morning for her Confurrrence and won't be back until Tuesday night. I told her how much this upsets me, but she says she has to go for work. She explained to me that "work" is where she goes almost every day to get money so that we furries can have our treats and food and toys. I suppose work is ok, if she has to do it. I would much rather have her home all the time to snuggle with and to give me treats, but if this "work" is what lets us all stay together, I suppose I can't complain too much. Holly and Ivy didn't seem to care when I shared the news with them. I think they are relieved that no one will be around at night to interefere with their naughtiness. Loki looked a little worried until I told him grandmama was coming over, then he perked right up and got the couch ready for snuggling. I tried to let Dana in on the news, but she is always happy no matter what is going on, so I think I'm the only one who is really upset. A prince always has to put on a brave face for his subjects no matter what happens. I have been practicing my "unconcerned" look.
I don't think it's working. I still look depressed. I already miss my mommy.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Last but not least . . .

It's DANA!!!!!!!

But before I introduce you to Dana, I would like to thank my new purrfectly wonderful friends at Zoolatry for making such lovely pictures of me! I couldn't wait to share them with all of you.

This one is of me and my sisters . . . Holly and Ivy . . . (sort of.) Maggy and Zoey are right; sometimes I DO wish my sisters were just their namesakes and not two naughty kitties competing with me for my mommy's affection! I think this one would make a GREAT holiday card, don't you? =^_^=

This one made my mommy laugh. I have a "straw fetish" or "addiction." Mommy calls straws "Tybalt's crack." Whenever I see a straw my eyes get big and black and I almost quiver in anticipation. I especially like straws that smell like my mommy. It isn't fun to just have one handed to me, though. Straws are much more fun when you have to steal them. Mommy finds my straws hidden all over the house, sometimes even in her bed! Hey, mommy, I'm just being sweet and sharing them with you!

But, enough about me and my wonderful self. Today is Dana's day on my blog! I have to say, of my two doggie siblings, Dana is the one that I spend the most time with. I used to hate her when I was a small kitten, because she wanted to love me so much, and she was bigger than I was and so very exuberant! I would hiss and run away. I soon got used to her, though, and now I will play with her and let her kiss me. I even share my toys with her! Dana feels about kitty toys the way I feel about straws. She would rather play with our toys than her own doggie toys any day.

Here is Dana.
Dana is so very active that mommy has a hard time taking her picture. Mommy has to chase her with the camera and hope for the best. Dana is a pure-bred miniature Australian Shepherd. She is our "special needs" child. Dana is the product of "merle to merle" breeding, which is a very bad breeding practice. Dana was born deaf. Mommy saw her on a special deaf dog rescue site and adopted her to be Loki's special patrol buddy. Mommy was a little nervous about adopting a deaf doggie, but Dana fit in perfectly and is actually a very sweet and good girl! We kitties know that Dana is special, so we pay extra attention to her to make sure she is ok. Mommy has to crate Dana and Loki up at night because we pay so much attention to Dana that we won't let her sleep. Ivy is the worst one of us about that. Ivy loves to crawl in Dana's crate with her and snuggle. She rubs up against Dana a lot and loves for Dana to give her kisses. Here is a picture of Ivy checking up on Dana to see how she is doing.

Dana is a true character. Since she is an Aussie, she doesn't have a tail, but that doesn't stop her from trying to wag it! She gets called "wiggle butt" and "Miss Priss" a lot because of that. She also loves to wiggle up to you with a toy in her mouth (usually mine!) Dana growls a lot. That is her way of saying "Hello!" and "Look at me!" She's also great at barking. When she's out patrolling with Loki, she barks loudly to let everyone know that she has seen a squirrel or chipmunk or a racoon . . . you get the idea. Dana has great eyesight. I think she can see stuff the rest of us can't!

I hope you all enjoyed meeting Dana. That is it for my introductions! Now you have met all of us furry children.

Mommy just told me last night that she has to go to something called a "Conference" in Savannah over the weekend, so I may be too busy keeping everything in order for her to blog much the next few days. Grandmama will be coming over to check on us and give us snuggles, so that will be fun, but I will be very glad when my mommy comes back home. I don't like it when she leaves.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Everyone seemed to enjoy meeting my sisters Holly and Ivy yesterday. They were happy that they were so popular! I am afraid they are spending a little extra time on their grooming now, and keep asking to have more pictures taken. I told them this is my blog. I will share it with them occasionally, but I am not going to let my sisters take it over just so that they can flirt with all of the handsome kitties out there!

The next member of my big, furry family is Loki. He's a dog, but I like dogs, so that is ok. He is a rescue, just like the rest of my mommy's furry babies! Loki was the first one to be adopted when mommy bought her house three years ago. Silly mommy, thinking about adopting a doggie before adopting a kitty! Loki was at the local shelter, and mommy saw his picture on their page. He was so handsome and friendly that she decided he needed to come home with her. The shelter had named him "Blue," but our uncle (Mommy's little brother) came up with the name "Loki," which fits him much better, since he was a very active and mischevious puppy.

Here is Loki.

Loki really likes to have close-ups! Mommy has to back away from him when she snaps his picture because he is so curious about what she is doing. Loki is an Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. He is mostly shepherd through and through, though. Loki is very protective of his family. If I am the Prince of mommy's house, then Loki is her Knight! He takes his job very seriously. Every day Loki demands to be let outside so that he can patrol the yard to make sure there are no intruders. He does this several times a day. Even when he rests, he makes sure that he is laying in a high spot so that he has a good view of his domain. Nothing can sneak up on our house with Loki on the job! Before mommy adopted another doggie for him to play with, Loki would amuse himself by herding sticks and limbs around the yard in circles, pretending they were sheep.

Loki is just as handsome as I am (in his own special doggie way). Both of us have blue eyes . . . well, Loki has ONE blue eye. That means we sort of match! You would think with so much in common that Loki would have liked me right away. When I was first adopted, I really wanted him to like me. He looked like so much fun, and his tail was so feathery and wagged so nicely that I just wanted to pounce on it! Loki didn't like me much back then, though. He was used to being mommy's only boy. He loved his girls so much that mommy called them his "harem." I don't think he appreciated mommy bringing in another boy at all. He was very jealous, but he still behaved himself nicely. He would just bark at me and warn me not to play with his tail. He's much more friendly with me now, although he is still jealous that I get so much more lap time than he does. Loki thinks he is a lap dog, and his favorite person (besides mommy) is our grandmama. Whenever she comes over he gets very excited and demands that she let him lay in her lap and watch television. He remembers that when he was an only child his grandmama would come over to check on him and cuddle in front of the tv while mommy was gone working. Here is Loki on his favorite couch.

See how nicely he stretches? Sometimes Loki reminds me of a kitty! Only a kitty could manage to stretch as nicely as that. You may notice that there are a lot of rips in the couch. Mommy is very, very glad that she bought her first set of furniture from Goodwill, because when Loki was a puppy he romped on the furniture so much that he hurt it. Mommy loves her babies more than her furniture, though, so it is alright. And you can tell just by the way Loki relaxes on it that the couch is still super comfy.

Loki is a very noble knight, and I am glad he is around to keep us all safe. He is very gentlemanly, and even has patience with the terrible twins! We are all grateful to have such a wonderful older brother. Tomorrow, I will introduce you to the last member of our family, Dana! She is a doggie too, and a very special one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Terrible Twins

Before I introduce you to my two sisters, let me announce that Captain Jack and Dante have honored me with an award! I am so excited! I am purring as I type. Here it is!

I would like to share this award with some of my new friends! Momo, who is also new at blogging, and Derby who welcomed me and had his owner take pics of pretty things while she was driving in her metal monster! If I could, I would give it to everyone, but I think most of you have already received this award, anyway. That's how wonderful we kitties are! =^_^=

I also want to thank all of the wonderful kitties who welcomed me! I purred all night, I was so happy and excited! My sisters couldn't wait to get introduced today. They knocked over mommy's trash first thing this morning in celebration.

The title of this post is "Terrible Twins" because that is what my mommy calls my two sisters, Holly and Ivy. They are two very, very naughty kitties. Sometimes they even draw me into their diabolical schemes! Even though I am a prince, I am still their little brother, and there is two of them and only one of me. I try to remind mommy about that everytime she catches us. I don't think that explanation works for her really well, though. I am going to have to work on my innocent look more.

Holly and Ivy just turned three years old on September 30. We celebrated with tuna, and mommy and grandmama sang Happy Birthday. Mommy always celebrates our birthdays so nicely! Later on, when mommy went to bed, we all celebrated more by opening all the drawers in the kitchen to see if we could find anything new to play with. Like I said, my sisters are naughty.
Holly and Ivy were adopted by mommy when she was celebrating her first Christmas in her very own house. At the time, Mommy was just living with Loki, my doggie brother. He was a handful and she knew he needed a friend, plus mommy was missing having a purring kitty in her lap. Mommy found out that her cousin was fostering some kittens that had been abandoned on the side of the road, and she took this as a sign that she needed to adopt a Christmas kitten. When mommy first saw the kittens, they were tiny and starved, with little scrawny tails. They looked so pitiful! But she noticed that nothing was stopping them from running and playing and trying to steal food from people's plates. Mommy soon learned that the kittens had been living with a pig, and having to fight it for meals! Grandmama says this explains the twins' manners (or lack thereof). Although mommy had only intended to take one kitten home, she adopted both sisters, and Grandmama helped to name them Holly and Ivy. As soon as they arrived in their new home, Holly and Ivy settled in and began their reign of terror.

This is Ivy.

She may not be the naughtiest of the two, but she is the one that gets caught the most. She tries to use her big eyes to look innocent, but mommy knows better. Ivy gets caught red-pawed too often for mommy to believe that she is an angel! Ivy likes to believe that she is mommy's favorite. She loves to get in mommy's lap and snuggle up to her at night. She also stretches out her paw to pat mommy on the face, in an effort to make herself more endearing, I'm sure. Mommy would find this much more cute if Ivy didn't have litterbox issues. Ivy's paw does not always smell so nice or look so clean. When Ivy was a kitten, she had some tummy problems. Loki says that when she would use the litterbox he would cry and howl and beg mommy to let him outside so that he could escape the smell! Mommy tried all sorts of different types of food in an effort to end everyone's misery. Finally, Ivy's tummy settled down, and we haven't had a stinky house in quite awhile. Ivy still hasn't mastered covering up in the litterbox. Her sister usually goes in right after her to tidy up. Occasionally, Ivy even flings poo! I think Ivy secretly believes that she is a monkey. Just see how she likes to climb! This is Ivy being naughty and climbing on top of mommy's tv in order to attack Pepe Le Pew. Even though she knows it is forbidden, she does this at least once a night.

This is Holly. She is being naughty, too, and planning an attack on Puss n Boots.

Holly is extra special, because she has thumbs! Holly likes to use those thumbs to make it harder for mommy to get away when she wants to give her some serious love and attention. Mommy says Holly has an incredible grip. Because of her extra toes and the claws that don't retract all the way, you can hear Holly walking on the hardwood floors. *CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK* Grandmama says that Holly sounds like a velociraptor (just like in that scary big lizard movie Jurassic Park!) Holly is an expert at opening cabinets and drawers. She would make a great burglar kitty. Holly doesn't want to be a burglar, though. She wants to be something called a familiar. Holly thinks my mommy should be a witch so that she can help her cast spells and ride on broomsticks. I got upset at Holly for saying that, because my mommy is not bad! She is a sweet mommy! Holly just smiled at me and told me not all witches were bad. I don't know if I believe her or not. Sometimes when Holly is nesting and she has her eyes half shut in contemplation, I just know that she is thinking dark and mysterious thoughts. I refuse to allow her to corrupt my mommy!

Just look at her! She is planning something.

This is me shunning Holly and her dark plans for my mommy.

That is it for my kitty sisters! Tomorrow I plan to share more about Loki. Thanks again, everyone, for such a wonderful welcome! I can't wait to read what everyone is up to today!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog! My mommy told me that my friends Captain Jack and Dante had their very own blog last night and asked me if I wanted one of my own. I had to think about it, because I am a very busy kitty. Being a prince is a lot of work, after all. After I munched on my yummy dairy treats and snuggled up to mommy in bed, I finally decided that the world needed me to blog. I am too wonderful and special to just remain known in my own kingdom! Others must know of my wondrous doings. Having made my decision, I woke up mommy by purring loudly in her hair to let her know that today would be the day I would share myself with the world.

I wasn't always the prince that I am today. Before my mommy adopted me, I was a lost and frightened orphan. A nice lady that my mommy used to work with found me abandoned in a rock quarry. I was only six weeks old! I was tiny and cold and hungry and wet when I was found. The nice lady brought me back to her house, but knew she couldn't keep me because she already had too many cats of her own. She thought of my mommy right away, because my mommy is the best mommy there is! Mommy already had two kitties and two doggies and wasn't sure if she should really adopt another furry baby, but when she saw my picture she knew I was meant to be her special prince. Here is the first picture my mommy ever saw of me.

When my mommy first brought me home, I was so scared I hid under her bed all day long! It is strange to think of a prince being so easily frightened, but I was just a baby after all. I soon grew out of that, though, and began taking on my princely duties. Now I am well-established as the ruler of mommy's house. Here is what I look like today, as a full-grown royal kitty.

Notice my regal bearing and expression! It has taken me a lot of work to project just the right royal image to my subjects. Mommy says I do not look like the same kitty she first took in at all. I smile at her and purr, because I know it is her love that has made me into the special and handsome prince I am today.

Well, now you have been introduced to me. If all goes well, I shall share the stories of my siblings/subjects in future blogs. I hope you have enjoyed your visit, and I look forward to hearing from many other interesting and adventurous kitties out there!