Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Movie Review - CCSI: The Santa Caper

Hello, Kitties! At long last, here is my review of CCSI: The Santa Caper in it's entirety.

CCSI: The Santa Caper

Produced by Little Productions
Director: Ruis
Writer: Karl

When we last left Santa's elves, they had just discovered a disturbing ransom note in his room.

Wisely, the elves make the decision to place a call to the NPPDCCSI (North Pole Police Department Cat/Canine Crime Scene Unit) for help in finding and saving Santa. In no time at all Detective Schlau (Roscoe) and Dr. Hinweis (Asta) arrive at the scene and look for clues. Finding colored eggshells and a large pawprint, they immediately suspect the Easter Bunny (Dragonheart).

After speaking to the Easter Bunny and finding out about Santa's secret (poker night!), they are off to interview the Tooth Fairy (MoMo), who may have more information on Santa's whereabouts.

With the aid of some helpful trees (Charlie, Momo, and Yao-Lin), the investigative team finally catches up with the kidnapper and Santa!

I won't spoil things by giving the ending away to those of you who have yet to watch, but let me tell you, it is a very good ending! It fits in perfectly with the spirit of the season, and has a wonderful message for all those kits and pups out there about the true meaning of Christmas. Once again, the team at Little Productions has created an episode that flawlessly combines action, suspense, and heart. I give CCSI: The Santa Caper two paws up and two purrs (plus a leaky eye for the moving message in the finale).

Sidenote: Yes, kitties, the holidays are almost here! My mommy will have this afternoon through January 2 off work, so I doubt that I will have time to visit or post much, if at all. I will miss you all and be thinking of you! I want to wish everyone a wonderful, warm, and safe holiday season. May you all be blessed this holiday and throughout the New Year! Purrrs!

Samantha: I will do my best to attend the New Year's Eve party with you, my princess. If I am unable to attend, please know my thoughts are with you. I am sending extra purrs your way. <3

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Princess Samantha

Thirteen Reasons Why Samantha Black Should Be A Princess

1) Even though I am just a young prince, I can sense royalty, and she screams royalty.

2) She has soft, silky furs.

4) She is kind and helpful.

5) She is a good sister to Tigger.

6) She is a repurrter and reviewer!

7) Being a tuxie, she is always in formal attire.

8) She looks stunning in red.

10) She takes her responsibilities seriously.

11) Long whiskers are a sign of breeding.

12) Sandy Paws told me she has been very good, as is becoming to a princess.

(Part of my princely duties is to report to Sandy Paws.)

13) She appreciates my princeliness.

You can come up with more reasons on your own by visiting her here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tattling Tortie Tuesday

Hello, kitties! It's me, Holly, reporting to you for this week's Tortie Tuesday!
Ivy and I had some excitement last night. We got mail! Yes, you may recall how a certain someone in our house has been hogging ALL of the Christmas Cards we've received. Well, our friends Tazo, Titus, and Earl Grey certainly did, so they sent us a card of our very own! It was clearly addressed to "Holly and Ivy."

Now for the tattling part of today's post. Well, as you may notice in the next picture, Tybalt just couldn't stand it. Notice how his paw is placed on OUR CARD!

He even nosed his way in when Ivy was checking out the card!

Thank you so much! Tazo, Titus, and Earl Grey . . . you are the best! See how much I love your card?

Where, you may ask, is Ivy? Why isn't she helping me report?

Well, kitties, we also received cards from Beau Beau and Angie (they were gorgeous!) and a certain mancat and his naughty alter ego (Hendrix/Bendrix). Ivy was so excited about that last card that she's been slaving away at a special greeting of her own.

Here it is:

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mancat Monday

Feathers make the perfect gift for a mancat.

Just one more week until Sandy Paws visits, everykitty! I've been counting down the days. I want to thank Skeeter and LC, Pearl, Bert, and Jake, and TT, Shadow, and Molly for their wonderful christmas cards that I received over the weekend! Mommy's unfinished dining room door is being covered quite nicely, thanks to all of you festive kitties!

It was VERY cold this morning . . . down in the 20s, after it was so freakishly warm last week! When I heard mommy's alarm go off this morning I made sure to wrap myself around her neck to keep her in her warm bed for a few minutes while the heater clicked on. I purred and purred and purred in an effort to convince her to stay home and snuggle with me, but she got up and went to work anyway. *sigh* Maybe I'll find a way to keep her home tomorrow.

We got to spend more time with out tree yesterday, but it didn't last long because of a certain naughty kitty. Yes, it was IVY. Again. Holly and I were on our best behavior to show mommy that we can be trusted with the tree and presents, but Ivy wasn't. Mommy heard the tree shaking, and when she came in to check up on us, Ivy was nesting in the middle of the tree. All mommy could see of her were gold eyes peeking out at her from behind the branches. Mommy scooted us all out of the room and locked the tree back up and told Ivy that was why we weren't allowed much tree time. You would think that Ivy would learn to behave, wouldn't you?

Bendrix, I think Ivy does it all for you. She was hoping her picture would get taken, but it didn't happen.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Movie Review - CCSI and Santa Claus

Kitties, the day we have all anxiously awaited has arrived! Today, Part I of CCSI: The Santa Caper has aired!

I am pleased to announce that, as expected, the CCSI staff has come up with yet another great show. Where is Santa? It is any elf's or reindeer's guess as the search is on for the missing Santa Claus! This four part episode is sure to provide speculation by the water and food bowls for days. After experiencing the cliff hanger ending of today's installment, I can hardly wait to see Part II!

Thank you to Sassy Cat and her Little Productions for another great show! Two paws up and a purr!

If watching CCSI puts you in the holiday spirit, and you just can't get enough of Santa, I do have a viewing recommendation for you. This is my mommy's very favorite movie about Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)

Director: Jeannot Szwarc

Writers: David Newman, Leslie Newman, and David Newman

This movie is great, kitties! It explains how Santa Claus became Santa Claus. My mommy watched this when she was a little girl, and to this day she still believes that this story is true! This is how Santa Claus came to be! I have to admit, the movie makes it very convincing. I think I may just agree with my mommy.

The movie begins with showing Santa before he became Santa (or Sandy Paws, or Sandy Claws, or Santa Claws . . . he goes by many names!) When he becomes lost in a snow storm with his wife and reindeer, trying to deliver toys to the children of the village, my mommy still gets all teary eyed. And when the elves find him and save him, and then explain how he is the answer to their prophecy, well kitties, my mommy's eyes leak and leak and leak! I've seen it happen! And she's watched this movie too many times to count, or so she has told me.

After you see Santa become Santa, then you see how the belief in him changes through the years, as well as how he and his workshop operate. By the time we make it to the 80s (when this film was released), significant changes have been made, yet Santa and the North Pole are still fundamentally the same. The second half of the movie takes place in modern times, with a rebellious and forward-thinking elf named Patch who leaves the North Pole and attempts to make a fresh start in New York City in order to impress Santa, two children from very different backgrounds who both despeerately need Santa and his magic in their lives, and one horrible and greedy corporate executive. If you don't feel the christmas spirit by the end of this movie, then you never will.

I give "Santa Claus: The Movie" two paws up. I do warn you that parts may make your eyes leak, but in a good way.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday - Secret Paws!

Thank you SO much, Zoey and the Furballs! We absolutely love our presents!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tortie Tuesday Tattle and Mail

Holly: Hello, everykitty! We are back for another Tortie Tuesday!

Ivy: And another Tattle Tuesday!

Holly: AND for a special mail call!

Ivy: When mommy helped us pick our cards out, she made sure they were from ALL of us to everykitty.

Holly: But we have noticed that Tybalt has been claiming all the cards WE have received as HIS!

Ivy: Imagine our shock and disgust at that! Every card has been addressed to "Tybalt, Holly, and Ivy" . . . or at the very least "Tybalt and Family."

Holly: So this time we made sure that we were there when mommy came home and announced that we had mail! We were the first ones to check it out.

Ivy: And then, of course, Tybalt had to come and interrupt our investigation.

Holly: You can see in the picture above how I REFUSED to be moved away from our cards.

Ivy: I didn't think it was worth fighting over, so I went ahead and left. But you can see in the next picture how Tybalt CLAIMED all three cards as his!

Tybalt: Hey! It is my blog, after all girls. Plus you can see my paw is on Kimo and Sabi's card . . . they are my fellow mancats. Plus Queen Snickers and Empress share mine and my mommy's interest in anime . . . and Abby is a gorgeous fluffy sweetheart of a kitty, plus her sister Boo is my friend Jack's sweetheart . . . these were SPECIAL cards and meant a lot to me!

Ivy: Riiiiight, Tybalt. These cards were "special." What about the other cards you have gotten?

Tybalt: They are ALL special! These kitties are my friends! I don't mind sharing with you, but you have to admit that the cards mean more to me than they do you. You girls are hardly ever on here, after all.

Holly: You are probably right, Tybalt, but you know ONE card is going to put Ivy on Cloud 9 when we get it.

Ivy: HUSH! *blush*

Tybalt: Oh, you mean . . . Bendrix?! *eye roll*

Ivy: ANYWAY . . . next comes the tattle part. We finally got mommy to start putting up our cards on display so that we can see them all the time, even when she is gone.

Holly: And guess what, kitties? We have received more cards than our mommy! She has received two cards, and we have received seven!

Tybalt: I feel kind of bad about that. Maybe we should share them with her? Here is a picture of the cards we all have received so far (including mommy's).

Ivy: You will notice that mommy has hung the cards on her unfinished dining room door, no doubt in an effort to prettify it.

Holly: She tries.

Tybalt: Mommy does her best, girls. You know that! Anyway, that is it for Tattling Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mancat Monday - Anticipation

I tell you, kitties, it is hard for a mancat to retain his stoic demeanor this time of year. How can a kitty be strong and silent when he knows that in just a few weeks Sandy Paws will be coming to fill his stocking with catnip mousies?! This will only be my second Christmas. Last year I was just a kitten and didn't know what Christmas was all about. I had heard about Sandy Paws from my sisters, but I had no idea how exciting it all really was. Last year I had no clue what was waiting for me. This year I do, and it is making the wait that much harder.
I am sad to report that my mommy did leave me on Saturday, but she was back by early afternoon. She was home in time to watch "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with me. However, she was busy wrapping presents and I had to help supervise her work, so it wasn't all snuggle time on the couch. Ivy was naughty and found some kitty toys in the shopping bags and stole one. Mommy had to chase her down the hall to get it back. Ivy is lucky mommy laughed at her for that . . . otherwise Sandy Paws might have decided Ivy was too naughty to get anything in her stocking!
Mommy was nice and left the dining room door open all afternoon on Saturday, so we three kitties had plenty of time to spend with our tree. We supervised how mommy put presents underneath it, and moved them around if they weren't placed to our liking. Dana found one of Ivy's wrapped presents and ran off with it! Mommy took it away from her and explained it wasn't her present, and that we all had to wait anyway. I don't think any of us furries can stand it. The excitement is killing us!
I am super excited this week because our holiday cards finally arrived on Saturday. Mommy is helping me to address them today, and then they will get sent out this week. Our Secret Paws is also getting mailed this week. I hope they like their presents! We had a lot of fun shopping for them.
I wish patience and peace to all furries this Holiday Season.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Review - Classic Christmas Specials

When I was watching the television with mommy last night, I noticed this advertised . . . The 25 Days of Christmas on the ABC Family Channel! I was very excited to see that tomorrow (Saturday 12/8) starting at 7 AM they are having a marathon of Christmas classics! Here is what will be on.

Rudolph and Frosty
Life of Santa Claus
Nestor the Christmas Donkey
Pinnochio's Christmas
Jack Frost
Frosty's Wonderland
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Rudolph's Shiny New Year
Year Without a Santa
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
The Polar Express
The Santa Clause 2

Now, kitties, doesn't that sound like the perfect thing to watch, all snuggled on a blanket in front of a nice fire? Maybe with some hot tea and a candy cane or two? With the lights off and the Christmas tree all alight?


I am now developing ways of keeping my mommy home all day tomorrow so that I can enact this plan. I overheard her telling grandmama that she needed to be busy tomorrow finishing up her shopping, wrapping presents, and getting the sucky monster out to clean.

I don't think so, mommy.

With my sisters' help, I plan on having mommy snuggled on that couch with me ALL DAY LONG tomorrow. If any of you have an idea on how we can get mommy to stay home with us tomorrow, let me know. Holly and Ivy and I all have our thinking caps on for this problem.

Anyway, this won't be my traditional Friday Review, since I have to say that anything Christmasy generally gets two paws up from me . . . especially the classic programming, like the Rankin/Bass productions of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Nestor the Christmas Donkey." I know my mommy has watched them every year since she was a little girl, and she has watched them with me since I was a kitten.


I recommend that everykitty watch as much classic holiday programming as possible this season. If you can't tune into ABC Family, then pop in a DVD or VHS (for those old-schoolers) or hunt through your tv guide for something festive to watch! Now is the season to snuggle up with your parents and siblings and get into the Holiday Spirit!

Tybalt, Reviewer Extraordinaire

PS: I received my card last night from Eric and Flynn . . . it is GORGEOUS! And super exciting to get a holiday card all the way from the UK!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dana For Best Fur Sister!

Once I decided to enter one of my siblings in the "Best Fur Sibling" contest, I had a tough decision to make. Not only do I have the Terrible Tortie Twins for sisters, but I also have my doggie brother Loki and my doggie sister Dana to think about. All of them are great in their own way, but I finally decided that I chose my doggie sister Dana for Best Fur Sibling. Since it is Thursday Thirteen, I will give thirteen reasons why I chose Dana.
1) Besides mommy, Dana is the first one in our family to love me. Loki and the twins took some time getting used to me, but Dana thought I was the best from the moment mommy brought me home.
2) Dana was born deaf, and her first home wasn't very friendly to her. They thought she was being naughty on purpose and ignoring them, when the real problem was she just couldn't hear. She got in trouble a lot and was hit. You would never know that now. She is always smiling and happy with us.
3) Dana will give you kisses all of the time, even if you don't want one and you have just finished grooming your furs. She won't take no for an answer. She's a love machine!
4) If there is something yummy in the trash and you can't quite reach it, Dana will get it for you and share.
5) Dana loves to play with our toys. Even if I don't like my pink mousie being all wet and slobbery, I have to admit she has great tastes to prefer kitty toys over doggie toys.
6) Dana will share her yummy stinky goodness with us. She doesn't bark at us or warn us away from her food like Loki does. Dana is great about sharing.
7) Dana has long soft furs that are great to snuggle against.
8) Dana never loses her temper. EVER.
9) Dana has great eyesight. She lets us know about everything she sees in the yard. Raccoons can't creep up on our house! We are safe with her watching out for us.
10) Dana is just CUTE. When she's happy to see you she wiggles her bum so hard that she curls up into a tight "U" shape.
11) Dana talks a lot. It comes out as a growl, but it isn't scary. It just means she is happy and has something to tell you.
12) The only time Dana isn't busy playing or sharing with us is when she is asleep. When she sleeps, she curls into a tight floofy ball of fur and looks very sweet. Sometimes she looks so sweet one of the twins will have to go love on her and wake her up.
13) Dana loves all of us very much. Even though sometimes I lose my patience with her, she never loses her patience with me. I think Dana would make a great saint!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Aussie Style!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tattle Tail Tuesday!

I decided that I should join in the fun and tell on my mommy!

But first, I just want to say that I got TWO MORE cards last night! I was so excited. One of them was from Mu Shue and Lily (which I won't show in case it is a surprise), and the other was from Chase, Latte, and Kaze! Isn't it a beautiful card? I can't wait to find just to right spot to display it.

Now . . . for telling on my mommy . . .

My mommy has lived in her house for almost 4 years now. When she moved in she knew it would be a "fixer-upper" because the former owners had been "remodeling" but never finished anything. About once a year my mommy and my grandparents take a stab at fixing something in the house, but none of them ever finish it. Mommy lives there all of the time, you would think she would at least fix ONE thing on her own, you know? Just look at what we live with!

The Unfinished Living Room Wall.

The Unfinished Dining Room Door.

And finally, the Unfinished Bedroom Closet.

It makes a kitty hang his head in shame. Lazy mommy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mancat Monday Excitement!

Today is a very exciting Mancat Monday, because I got my VERY FIRST holiday card over the weekend!

Thanks to Pixel for sending me a card! As you see, I had to check it out thoroughly. (Holly was helping.) Even the stamp on the envelope had a picture of Pixel on it!

Thank you so much, Pixel! I love my card, and it is extra special because it was the first one I received!

I can't wait to mail out my own holiday cards later this week!

Purrs and Happy Holidays to everykitty!