Friday, November 27, 2009

Blurpy Alien Girl Has Arrived!

Here she is!

Chloe Renea, born on November 19 at 6:40 PM . . . Mommy and the blurpy share a birthday now! She was 6 pounds and 14.7 ounces, and screamed a lot when she was born. That is supposed to be a good sign for alien blurps.

Mommy has been busy, so I haven't been able to blog or visit my friends, and it took me over a week to finally get mommy to let me announce the big news. I apologize to all of my kitty friends for being so neglectful, but what can a kitty do? Sigh.

I pretty much shunned mommy and the blurp at first. After all, she abandoned be for several days, and when she came back she brought THAT with her. But I've since checked out the blupr and sniffed her, and I got some quality time in with mommy, so I think I may be ok with her. The Tortie Twins took to her right away, and Loki cries whenever he sees her and wants to go give her some love, but he isn't allowed to do that yet because he is way too big and the blurp is very small.

Welcome to the world, my new blurpy sister!

More pictures can be seen at this link here.