Friday, February 4, 2011

It's About Time!

Hello, my fellow kitties!

Yeah, it is truly embarrassing how long it has been in between posts from yours truly. The mommy makes promises only to break them to me. But such is life when a kitty has to depend on his mommy to help him keep in touch with his furry brethren and . . .er . . . sistren.

There have been some more changes for us. The CCB is an accomplished walker, runner, and climber now, so there aren't as many places to hide from her. I let her give me her painful love (and believe me, it is PAINFUL!) but then I run and hide as best as I can. The only time I really let her have quality time with my princely self is when we both share mommy's lap. I refuse to give up mommy time to the CCB, no matter what she does to me. Mommy started a new job (just in time for the new year) which is LOTS closer home so we furries plus the CCB get to see her more. It was a good thing, too, because the same week she started her new job both the FD and the CCB got the nasty evil flu bug, and being closer to home really helped out a lot then. Everyone is much better now, thankfully.

Here it is almost Valentine's Day already. I hope my darling Sammie-Pie hasn't forgotten about me. I still love you dearly, my beautiful floofy princess!

Here is a picture of me to tide you all over until the next post. Notice my handsome floof and piercing blue eyes.