Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Movie Review - Coraline

It's been a long time, hasn't it, kitties? But yes, the Friday Movie Review has returned! And I have discovered something new! As most of you know, when I want to see a movie that is just out in theatres, I usually have to wait until mommy is asleep, dress up in my Igor Kittenovsky disguise, take mommy's plastic card, and have my doggie brother Loki drive me to the theatre in mommy's big red metal machine.

I have found a way around all that trouble.

Kitties, if your mommy goes to a matinee performance of a movie that has already been out for awhile, then the likelihood that your mommy will be the only one in the theatre watching that movie (or at least one of the very few people watching that movie) is MUCH higher . . . and if, say, a certain enterprising kitty stowed away in their Mommy's already heavy and overly large purse . . . then there is less likelihood that a certain kitty will be caught.

I admit that the experience is a bit lacking . . . after all, you don't get your own straw to play with and you have to swipe pieces of popcorn out of the tub when no one is looking, but still, I was able to see a movie with mommy. (Even if she didn't know I was there.)

So, without further ado, here is the movie!

Coraline (2009)
Written By: Henry Selick (screenplay)
Neil Gaiman (novel)
Directed By: Henry Selick

Coraline Jones and her family have just moved into the Pink Palace Apartments, and already Coraline finds herself bored and lonely. Her parents always seem to be too busy to pay her any attention, and she misses her friends. The only other kidbean she encounters is a strange nerdy boybean by the name of Wybie. She also meets Wybie's stray black kitty friend, who has no name, but somehow irritates Coraline all the same.

Coraline wishes for a better and more interesting life. And then, she discovers the tiny door, that has been locked and covered with wallpaper. Why is the door there? And why was someone so anxious to keep it hidden and undisturbed?

Coraline soon finds herself traveling through the mysterious door to another world - a world that is parallel to her own, only better in every way. Her parents have all the time in the world for her, her mother cooks delicious meals, the house is new and clean and beautiful, the neighbors are interesting and entertaining, and her father has planted a gorgeous garden just for her.

Even Wybie is better . . . . he's silent!

At first Coraline is excited and thrilled with the new world she has discovered, and after being uncertain at first, she soon wishes to leave the real world and live in this perfect world she has found forever. Disregarding the cat's advice (who can talk in this other world!), Coraline continues to visit . . . until one day she can no longer return to her own world, and she discovers the darker side of the perfect world on the other side of the door.

Coraline is a beautifully animated movie, with gorgeous music and incredible colors and imagery. Purrsonally, I enjoyed the cat the most. He was graceful, sinuous, wise, and clever. Coraline would never have been able to find her happy ending without him. While this movie may have some parts that are a bit too intense for very young beans, I highly recommend this as a great movie for families and furries to watch together. I give "Coraline" two paws up and a tail poof!

For those of you interested, here is one of the official trailers.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep kitties, it is the Ides of March, and you know what that means . . . MY BIRTHDAY!

I am an extra mature mancat of THREE years now.

Perhaps I should start wearing a smoking jacket while I'm drinking my niptinis?

For those of you kitties who have worried about me and mommy - we are okay, but we really do appreciate how much all of you kitties and beans care. =^_^= (That goes for all the cool kitties at Camie's Kitties, especially!)

Mommy was sick for just about an entire month, plus had a midterm project/presentation to work on, and then work got super busy, plus other stuff that has taken us all by surprise . . . and we won't even mention thinking about making Almost Dad our Forever Dad, because we haven't even had much time to think about that either.

I probably still won't be visiting or blogging much for awhile, but mommy has promised that I'll get at least TWO movie reviews up soon.

Mommy says sometimes Life just slaps you in the face. Maybe Life will get tired of playing with us and go visit somewhere else far, far away soon.

Purrs to you all!