Thursday, January 31, 2008

Award and Tortie Twin Thursday Thirteen

Miss Peach has honored me with this beautiful award. Thank you so much, Miss Peach! I am speechless over this honor. This award goes to kitties who go that extra stretch to be a warm and caring kitty to their parents and others. With that in mind, I would like to pass it along to some other very special kitties.
  1. MoMo - For being patient with her SS, and for being a good cousin to Charlotte and a great sister to Sassy, Asta, Momo dog and her little brother Pinot. And also for being one of my first kitty blogger friends! She is very special to me.

  2. Kellie the Orange Cat - For being patient and loving with her mommy, even though she is so much fun to tattle on! Kellie's mum hasn't been feeling well lately, and I know Kellie is taking good care of her. She is a true sweetheart.

  3. TT - TT is a wonderful and funny kitty, who manages to be sweet even though her kitty siblings sometimes aren't too nice to her. Her mommy is very important to her, and she makes sure that she takes good care of her when she is under the weather.

  4. Skeezix - I have to admit that I was a little late in visiting Skeez's blog, and I'm sorry it took me so long! Not only is Skeezix a talented techno kitty, but he is also super loving to his FL and Mr. TF . . . although I am sure Mr. TF wishes he was a little less loving lately! Skeezix also is taking care of his big brother Mao, and making sure he doesn't go walkabout anymore.

And now for the Thursday Thirteen . . . . my sisters are a little bummed that no one seems to like them on the Love Café, and they've been bothering me extra over it. So I thought I'd help them out.

13 Reasons Why the Tortie Twins Should Be Your Valentine

  1. They are TWINS. Isn't it every mancats dream to date a twin?

  2. Double the trouble, double the fun.
  3. Holly has thumbs. If you need to get into any cabinet, door, or operate a remote, she's your girl.

  4. Ivy is great at whapping. If you need something whapped, she's your girl.

  5. They are both great at cuddling.
  6. They are both independent. They won't be clingy and needy, unlike some other ladycats out there.

  7. They are cheap dates. Give them a jingly ball or a piece of string, and they are happy.

  8. If you have a doggie sibling, it isn't a problem. They both love hanging out with doggies.

  9. Even though they are three years old, they have the spirit and joie de vivre of a kitten.

  10. Their astrological sign is Libra. That means they love beauty and harmony, and are well-balanced. In other words, they won't rock the boat.

  11. They don't mind sharing.
  12. They are both great wrestlers and chasers.
  13. Even though I am their brother, I have to admit they are both lookers, and have very soft furs.



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Tortie Toesies

Finally! Mommy was able to get a good picture of Holly's toesies to show off. Aren't they cute?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mancat Monday and Meme

I was tagged by the super cute tuxie boycats Wrigley and Cobalt for this one.

In this meme you have to tell everykitty 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to the kitty who gave it to you and Tigmut'hep and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about!

1) Well, the biggest news is that I think we have a bean auditioning to be our daddy. He's been visiting us for months now, but the visits are getting more and more frequent. I am not sure how I feel about this. I liked him right away, which is unusual for me, since I am usually a little shy around strangers. But when he is around, he definitely cuts into my special "mommy and me" time. You may remember this picture . . . it is of me and the bean in question at Christmas.

2) Holly is getting WAY more friendly, especially at night. She is still yowling when we all go to bed, but now she has begun to trot her way into the bedroom and STARE at all of us on the bed. If no one gets up to play with her, she will go to the side of the bed and stretch up and pat mommy on the face and talk to her. Ivy and I usually ignore her and keep sleeping. Mommy tried to put her on the bed for a snuggle, but Holly just yelled and ran away like her tail was on fire . . . then came straight back to pat mommy on the face again.

3) I've started to try to speak bean. My mommy is wonderful and can understand kitty and doggie language, but she can't speak it. Sometimes this causes us some communication issues. Therefore I have started attempting to speak her language. So far I have been able to say "mama" and "now."

For this meme I tag:

1)My new friends Rossetti and Kirara, who I was introduced to by my good friend and lovely ladycat Queen Snickers.

2)Kellie the Orange Cat . . . since she has found romance, I think that we will get some interesting answers from her.

3) Lyra and Caesar, because it will be fun to see what the other new kittens on the block have to say!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Movie Review - 300

For those of you who don't know, I am a proud member of Mr. Tigger's new M-Cats Club! I am dedicating this Friday's movie review to all of my fellow mancats.

300 (2006)

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Based on the Graphic Novel by Frank Miller

Now, let me go on the record as saying that this is not a movie for kittens or even for M-Cats-in-training. There is a lot of graphic violence and themes that more mature cats may not find suitable for the kits.

For those of you who don't know, "300" is based on actual events in ancient Greek history: the Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the invading Persians. While the movie certainly contains some sensationalism and anachronisms, it still gets across the gist of what happened in this pivotal battle. "300" has managed to serve as a reminder of how past wars and politics are eerily echoed in the world we know today. It also is a stirring account of how a small group of men were able to stand against the might of an entire invading army . . . and almost win.

"300" has a riveting storyline, which depicts political intrigue, religious corruption, bravery, romance, and epic battles. There is something in it for almost anyone. It also has a wonderful use of music, light, and color, which serves to give the entire film a unique appearance and feel. The filmmakers made a concerted effort to echo the dramatic artistry shown in the original graphic novel, even down to the costumes worn by the actors, and they succeeded. This film is an intriguing blend of live-action and computer generation. It is truly a wonder to watch.

From my earlier description, and my initial dedication, you may think that is movie is only for mancats. This isn't so. For example, my mommy loves the film for its subject matter (she was a history/anthropology major in undergrad), its unique style, and for Gerard Butler and what she terms his "8-pack abs." Holly and Ivy appreciate it for all of the big animals the Persian army has . . . they particularly like the elephants. And who can deny the appeal of fervently shouted lines such as "This is SPARTAAAAAAAAA!" and "TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!"

I definitely recommend this as a film worth viewing for more mature cats, who don't mind a lot of violence. Also, the elite Persian forces wear masks which might be a bit skairty for a few kitties. However, if you don't mind these things, or a bit of human nudity, then you should give this film a try. I give this film two paws up for its artisty and unique style.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Nicknames!

Before I begin today, I would like to announce that my sisters Holly and Ivy have decided to join the search for a Valentine of their very own by submitting their profiles to the Single Kitty Love Café. Hopefully all eligible mancats will be able to view them soon! Here is a little preview.

The terrible tortie twins are looking for a special valentine!

I was tagged for this meme by Panda Bear of the Furry Bambinos. Since today is Thursday, I thought I would make it into a Thursday Thirteen and include the twins!

And here are the rules:

Post a link to the kitty who tagged you (done!), and post the rules on your blog. List your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you. Tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Real Name: Tybalt

Why: Because of the character in Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" who is the 'Prince of Cats.'"

1) Tibbles (Only mommy can call me that . . . I like it coming from her.)
2) Mommy's pretty boy (What is not to like? It is true.)
3) Sweetie/Sweetheart (I am, what can I say?)
4) Smelly (I do not find this acceptable. I have only been called this twice, when I was having litterbox issues.)
5)Loverboy (I am a very loving mancat.)

Real Name: Ivy

Why: Because I was adopted at Christmas with my sister, so "the Holly and the Ivy" . . . like the carol.

6)Smelly Cat (It's true! And there is a nice song about me, thanks to Phoebe in 'Friends.' =^_^=)
7)Stinky (Truth!)
8)Trouble (I try! *modest blush*)
9)YOU LITTLE @%@*#$&%@#!!!!!! (Whenever I run into the basement . . . he he he)

Real Name: Holly

Why: Again, because of the Christmas Carol

10) Six Toes (Grandpapa gave me that one. Very descriptive, but not my favorite.)
11) Velociraptor (Because of the way my claws click on the floor. It makes me sound fierce!)
12) Holl (Mommy shortens my name sometimes. It doesn't bother me . . . too much.)
13) Ms. Thumbs (Because of my extra toe . . . and my prowess with opening doors! Not too shabby)

And of course, both girls share one nickname together: The Terrible Tortie Twins!
Tybalt would like to tag JB, because she is fun and looks quite a bit like him.
Ivy would like to tag Baby Mao, because his talent with poo astounds her.
Holly would like to tag Georgia, her fellow polydactyl tortie!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tortie Tuesday and Meme

In honor of Tortie Tuesday, here are some illustrations of the nightly routine for the Terrible Tortie Twins.

Holly loves to leap from the counter to the kitchen table, and from the kitchen table to the back of the loveseat in the living room. Here she is leaping from the counter to the table.

As mentioned before, the twins LOVE doggie stinky goodness. No one loves it more than Ivy. Here she is cleaning up the last bits of gravy from Loki and Dana's stinky goodness.

My good friends Marie and Queen Snickers tagged me, Tybalt, for a meme! It sounds like a really interesting one, too. I am going to put a lot of thought into my answers!

The rules are: you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to

Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

1) I would help my mommy start a no-kill shelter for any kind of furry that needed rescued and helped to find a forever home. Of course, I would have to be the spokescat and mascot for this endeaveor. "Prince Tybalt says 'Respect Pets!'"

2) I would sneak out and go with mommy whenever she leaves the house. She leaves for things like "work" and "the store" and NEVER takes me with her. I definitely think that needs to change.

3) I would go outside and see what it is like to hunt birdies. I love watching them outside, but I think it would be even more fun to chase them . . . although I am a little scared of the outside.

And I tag these three kitties:

1) MoMo
2) Parker
3) Pyewacket

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Movie Review - Sleeping Beauty

I was pondering and pondering all week about which movie I should review today. I watch so many of them, after all, and it can be difficult for a kitty to choose! And then, just as I was about to tug my fur out in frustration, my wonderful tuxie princess inspired me! Just look!

After gazing upon Samantha's regal loveliness, it came to me . . . I should review a movie just for her! So today I have chosen to review a true royal classic, "Sleeping Beauty."

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Directed By: Clyde Geronimi

Written By: Charles Perrault (original story)

Erdman Penner (screenplay)

I am sure most of us have seen this classic Disney film. I have heard that when my mommy was just a kitten herself she would watch this over and over and over, until she could quote the movie from beginning to end! Even today my mommy wears flannel pajamas with the evil fairy Maleficent printed on them.

I have to say, kitties, that in my opinion this is the best of the original princess movies that Disney made. The look is unique; no other Disney film has quite the same look or style. Effort was obviously made to pay homage to medieval french art and tapestries, making the film into a moving piece of art. "Sleeping Beauty" also has what is probably the most frightening and powerful villain in the form of Maleficent, the evil fairy. Not only is the film straight-forward about Maleficent's intention to actually kill Princess Aurora, it also has Maleficent telling Prince Phillip as she battles him that when he fights her, he is dealing with "all the forces of Hell."

I ask you, kitties, do you think that any Disney animated feature of today would dare include such things?

Of course, not all of "Sleeping Beauty" is dark and full of peril. There are some wonderfully funny moments, mostly involving the good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. The battle between Flora and Merriweather over the color of the birthday dress for 'Briar Rose' springs to mind as an excellent example. There is also romance, as Prince Phillip comes upon Briar Rose in the forest and falls in love with her, not knowing that they are already betrothed and have been since she was a mere baby.

And, of course, there is the famous "true love's kiss."

"Sleeping Beauty" gets two paws up and a tail floof for combining artistry, humor, and a dark sense of danger into a movie that is beloved by kittens yet manages to be entertaining for cats.

Samantha, would you like to teleport over and watch it with me? We can have popcorn and temptations and snuggle on my favorite fuzzy blankie.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday - SNOW!

Kitties, last night it SNOWED!

I have NEVER EVER EVER seen SNOW before!

Mommy got home late because people were driving strange since they were scared of the snow. She explained to me that it rarely snows here, so no one is used to driving in it. Mommy didn't mind the long commute home because the snow was so big and fluffy and pretty, and by the time she was halfway home it was already sticking to the ground and making everything white.

When she finally got home, she put her all her work stuff down and picked me up right away to look with her out the back door. I couldn't believe my eyes! There was white stuff everywhere, and more coming out of the sky!

And THEN . . . mommy did something she has never done before. Mommy picked me up and took me outside with her! I have not been outside since I was rescued as a very small kitten! I didn't know what to think. Mommy let me put my paws in the snow and pat it, and she let me close my eyes and sniff the air. It was cold outside, and the falling snow stuck to my furs and made them all wet. It was interesting, but I was ready to go back inside very soon. After she took me back inside, she picked up Holly and did the same with her! Holly was a little more interested in the smells, I think, but she was very happy to go back inside as well.

(Ivy didn't get to go outside. She was being punished for running past mommy and into the dangerous basement again. Mommy did let her put her paws in the snow that was still on her car, though . . . but that was it. Ivy is pouting.)

After Holly and I got our special time outside with the snow, mommy let Loki and Dana back out in it. The doggies enjoyed it more than us, but I think Loki loved it best of all. He rolled in it and played in it and pranced in it and ATE it!

Dana just sniffed the air and danced in the swirling snowflakes.

After mommy brought everyone back inside, it was bedtime. Holly and I had a lot of grooming to do because the snow got our furs messy. I had to spends some extra time on my paws after patting that cold, white stuff with them. Then we all went to sleep right away after all of that excitement. Even Ivy was worn out, and she didn't even get to go outside!

I am so thankful I finally got to see snow! And I am even more thankful that the snow didn't freeze or cause any problems, and everyone was safe and warm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tortie Tuesday with Tybalt

Darling Samantha, would you like to snuggle?

A lot of excitement has been going on for the past week or so. Karl and Ruis had a romantic Antarctic cruise, and they brought back presents for everyone! Thanks so much! I have named him Bertrand, and I plan to place him on mommy's bed where I snuggle every night.

Also, Tara and Kavan gave me an award! Thanks! I feel super special!

I have already given this award to a few kitties, but as we all know, there are lots of deserving kitties out there! So I now give this award to:

Monty Q. Kat for being a mancat on the move . . . just hopefully not on the move outdoors again! That was scary.

Abby for being an adorable tuxie with spunk! (And a founder of the secret club I have now joined.)

Now, the Terrible Tortie Twins have been expressing some jealousy over how many "glamour shots" mommy takes of me. I have to say that I think it has only gotten worse since they've seen the romance blooming between me and my tuxie princess. In order to appease them, I had mommy attempt to do glamour shots of Holly and Ivy . . . "attempt" because they are not as professional as I am about posing.



Notice they are both sporting their best "come-hither" looks. I wonder if they are looking for their own valentines . . .

PS: Annie is home! All of our purrayers worked!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mancat Monday

My beautiful princess Samantha gave me this incredible award. Thank you, darling Sam!

There are many wonderful kitties who deserve this award, so it is hard just to name a few. I hereby pass on this award to kitties who never fail to make me smile:

TT, Shadow, and Molly . . . and Fatty! (Hopefully she'll learn to love the indoors soon.)


Zippy, Sadie, and Speedy

Also, just a reminder for all of you mancats out there . . . Valentine's Day is only a month away!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Movie Revew - Sweeney Todd

Thank you Zoolatry for the great graphic!

Sometimes a kitty reviewer desires a fresher, more current movie to review. This was the case for me this week. For quite awhile now, I have seen the trailers for "Sweeney Todd" on the television, and I found myself intrigued. I know my mommy has been to see this movie twice . . . without me, mind you. She told me that kitties weren't allowed in movie theatres. I thought about that, and then came up with a plan.

Disguised as a Russian foreign exchange student named Igor Kittenovsky, I easily gained entrance to the theatre! After ordering myself a popcorn to play with and a Dr Pepper to sip, I settled in the plush seat to watch the show.

Director: Tim Burton
Writers: John Logan (screenplay)

Kitties, this movie is not for the squeamish. And if you don't have a dark sense of humor, you probably shouldn't watch it. That being said . . . . I LOVED IT.

As with other Tim Burton movies, "Sweeney Todd" has a wonderful use of color and great use of cinematography that sets the mood and underscores the plot. From the opening sequence in which the overture is played to a backdrop of credits and bloody, grimy London sewers (with rats!) to our introduction to Mrs. Lovett and her pie shop to the final denouement in the bake house, Burton's use of color and camera angle enhances the experience until a kitty just has to chirp in happiness. And this is without even taking into account the great acting and singing!

Johnny Depp fills the title role with panache. As usual, he has taken a quirky anti-hero and made it into something that my mommy will drool over for days. Helena Bonham Carter (another one of my mommy's favorites) plays Mrs. Lovett, and manages to make her both practical and romantic . . . even as she is chopping up Todd's victims into meat pies in the basement. Both Depp and Carter did their own singing, and might I say that they did wonderful jobs.

I am sure you kitties are all aware that this film is an adaptation of Sondheim's original musical, directed by Harold Prince. What you might not know is that Angela Lansbury is the original Mrs. Lovett! You can look here to see that in 1982 there was a television production of the musical, and it is available to view on DVD. I plan to put this on mommy's Netflix queue.

Not only was this an original Broadway production, it is actually based on a true story. For those kitties with inquiring minds, you can read all about the real Sweeney Todd here.

As you may have guessed, "Sweeney Todd" gets two paws up . . . for those kitties with a more macabre sense of humor and a strong stomach.

I hope you enjoyed my review, kitties! I am off to take a nap after my thrilling theatre adventure. Purrs!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Meme

Can you believe I was tagged for the "7 Random/Weird Things" meme again this week? This one is for the Meezer Brothers, Castor and Pollux! You are two adorable meezer kits!

Since I have already done the meme this week, and since it is Thursday, I thought I would make it a pictorial Thursday Thirteen! Here are 13 random and weird things me and my siblings did last year in '07. So sit back, enjoy some nip, and have fun strollerin' down memory lane.

1. Raising a paw for awareness!

2. Helping mommy pack.

3. Sending and receiving holiday cards for the first time.

4. Doing quality control on the Halloween Candy.

5. Holly and her broom practice. (Mommy is not a witch, sis!)

6. Discovering new pleasures.

7. Participating in Secret Paws for the first time!

8. Supervising holiday decorating.

9. Waiting impatiently for Sandy Paws.

10. Managing to be cute and naughty at the same time.

11. Stealing presents.

12. Posing for close-ups.

13. Finding Romance.