Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Aftermath

There are no pictures. It would be too embarrassing.

Since yesterday was my birthday, and since we don't get to be the center of mommy and the FD's universe now that the CCB is in the picture, we got nip last night.

And not just our usual sniff and nibble amount of nip. The twins and I were given an entire plate full of nip.

A very pretty china  plate of nip, since it was such a special occasion. A mancat only turns 5 once after all.

Long story short - the plate was shattered, nip was scattered over the entire house, a rousing game of Thundering Herd of Elephants was played in the wee hours, the rug was kicked without mercy and out of place this morning, and certain kitties have bloodshot eyes today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who Says You Need to Beware the Ides of March?

Unless you need to beware of a PARTY!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's About Time!

Hello, my fellow kitties!

Yeah, it is truly embarrassing how long it has been in between posts from yours truly. The mommy makes promises only to break them to me. But such is life when a kitty has to depend on his mommy to help him keep in touch with his furry brethren and . . .er . . . sistren.

There have been some more changes for us. The CCB is an accomplished walker, runner, and climber now, so there aren't as many places to hide from her. I let her give me her painful love (and believe me, it is PAINFUL!) but then I run and hide as best as I can. The only time I really let her have quality time with my princely self is when we both share mommy's lap. I refuse to give up mommy time to the CCB, no matter what she does to me. Mommy started a new job (just in time for the new year) which is LOTS closer home so we furries plus the CCB get to see her more. It was a good thing, too, because the same week she started her new job both the FD and the CCB got the nasty evil flu bug, and being closer to home really helped out a lot then. Everyone is much better now, thankfully.

Here it is almost Valentine's Day already. I hope my darling Sammie-Pie hasn't forgotten about me. I still love you dearly, my beautiful floofy princess!

Here is a picture of me to tide you all over until the next post. Notice my handsome floof and piercing blue eyes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

One Year!

As of last Friday, the CCB has been with us for one whole year.

It is unreal how fast time flies, kitties. It has been one whole year since my place as the baby of the family was usurped by the CCB.

There was a big party with lots of people on Saturday to celebrate, and mommy was nice enough to lock me up in the blue bedroom so I wasn't upset by all of the strangers. When all of the weirdo beans left, I came out and investigated. There was a lot of food sitting out and boxes to play in, so it wasn't all bad.

The CCB is growing on me. I let her share mommy's lap with me, and I've even let her give me kisses. The CCB is BIG into kissing kitties. We are her absolute favorite furries. Holly is HER kitty - Ivy and I aren't all that into spending a lot of time with the CCB, but Holly gives her love and headbutts and lets the CCB tug her tail and play in her furs and give her lots and lots of kisses.

A CCB who acknowledges the greatness of kitties can't be all bad, right?

Happy Birthday, Crazy Cat Blurp. You are even more wonderful than the FD and Mommy could have ever imagined, and I like you pretty well myself.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Early Merry Christmas

I may find this more than slightly embarrassing, but Mommy and the FD love these things and the CCB adores watching them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Donna Nobis Pacem

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tortie Tuesday - Weeeeeeee're Baaaaaaaack!

Hello everykitty! It's Ivy with the Tortie Tuesday report!

Mommy was off last Monday AND Tuesday, which was PAWSOME . . . but it meant she didn't take time to help us blog. Oh well, I guess a kitty has to take what she can get.

On the other paw, the FD got his very own camera, and so he is taking a LOT more pictures of us with it. After a photo shoot he lets mommy know that he's taken "more pictures for the blog."

Shhhh . . . just between you and me kitties that camera was given to the FD by his daddy who lives in California because he didn't think mommy and the FD took enough pictures of the CCB. Ha ha ha! *ahem* Anyway, the FD is also using it to capture his furry children as well, which is what any good daddy would do.

Here I am (Ivy). I call this my 'sultry' look. I give it to the FD a lot.

And here I am, giving the FD my 'quizzical' look. I usually reserve this for mommy when she asks me "What have you been up to?" and uses THAT TONE in her voice. You know the tone I'm talking about, right kitties? You can also refer to this as the 'innocent' or 'who, me?' look.

Here is my sister Holly enjoying the fresh air. It has been HOTHOTHOT a lot this year, but whenever it cools off enough in the mornings the FD will open a window for us to enjoy. He's a good daddy.

And here is Holly again. You can see her extra toesies really well in this one!

Happy Tortie Tuesday Everykitty!