Friday, October 31, 2008

Frightful Friday Movie Review - Sleepy Hollow

First off, I would like to wish everykitty an ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME Halloween, filled with treats and toys and spooky fun!

For our last Frightful Friday movie review, I am reviewing another personal favorite: Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Directed By: Tim Burton
Written By: Washington Irving (story)
Kevin Yagher (screen story)
Andrew Kevin Walker (screen story and screenplay)

I am sure that most, if not all of us, are familiar with Washington Irving's story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." If you aren't, kitties, I'm sure your beans can tell it to you. It is a wonderfully spooky story set in the early days of our nation. . . in a quiet and "sleepy" village in New York.

This movie is a new take on that story.

In the film, Johnny Depp stars as Ichabod Crane. Now, for most of us who are familiar with Irving's description of good ol' Ichabod, and with the Disney version as well, this casting may come as a shock. Ichabod, handsome? Ichabod, desirable? Ichabod . . . JOHNNY DEPP?

Like I said, it is a new take on the story. And Johnny Depp does an amazing job as Ichabod.

Ichabod Crane is an up and coming young policeman in New York City, who gets on the nerves of his fellow officers and the judges because of his zealous pursuit of justice, and his newfangled scientific way of solving murders. In order to prove that his methods work and are worthwhile, he is sent to investigate a series of grisly murders in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. The locals, it seems, blame an apparition known as the Headless Horseman, as all of the victims have been decapitated. Ichabod discounts their tale as mere superstition, and vows to find the true all-too human murderer.

Ichabod boards with the Van Tassels, who are prominent members of the village. It is, if not love, then definitely attraction at first sight for both Ichabod and Van Tassel's lovely daughter, Katrina (played by Christina Ricci). Awkward in social situations, and especially with ladies, Ichabod struggles against his feelings for Katrina while suffering from the jealous mockery of her long-time suitor, Brom Bones.

All clues soon lead to a mysteriously dead and twisted tree deep in the woods . . . and to the Headless Horseman himself. Are the deaths really the result of a supernatural curse, or is there a human agent involved? Can Ichabod trust the Van Tassels? Is Katrina part of the plot? Ichabod must find the murderer - before it is too late.

Kitties, I cannot write enough good things about this movie. Not only is this fresh take on a familair story interesting, it also keeps you guessing as to what is really happening. The special effects are amazing, and I can't even begin to describe how exciting it is to see the Headless Horseman everytime he appears on screen!

That being said, this movie is definitely creepy. It has a lot of humor, most of it dark, and there is a lot of gruesome things in it, including a scene where Ichabod exhumes and examines a dead woman's body. This isn't even going into a few slightly spicy scenes, and the totally pawsome (if freaky) end of the mystery. If you can't handle a little ick in your movies, or you don't understand dark humor, then you probably won't enjoy this movie. However, if you are in the mood for something spooky and funny, with a good mystery thrown in (and lots of Johnny Depp!), then this movie is for you. I give "Sleepy Hollow" two paws up and a tail poof!

I would like to end this special movie review with the song "The Headless Horseman" from Disney's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which the great Bing Crosby narrated and sang. (Mommy sings this to me a lot this time of year.)

When the spooks have a midnight Jamboree
They break it up with fiendish glee
Ghosts are bad, but the one that's cursed
Is the Headless Horseman, he's the worst

That's right, he's a fright, on Halloween night

But when he goes a-joggin' 'cross the land
Holdin' his noggin in his hand
Demons take one look and groan
And hit the road for parts unknown

Beware, take care, he rides alone

And there's no spook, like a spook who's spurned
They don't like him, and he's really burned
He swears to the longest day he's dead
He'll show them that he can get a head

They say he's tired of his flamin' top
He's got a yen to make a swap
So he rides one night each year
To find a head in the hollow here

Now he likes them little, he likes them big
Part in the middle, or a wig
Black or white or even red
The Headless Horseman needs a head

With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop
He's out lookin' for a top to chop
So don't stop to figure out a plan
You can't reason with a headless man

Now if you doubt this tale is so
I met that spook just a year ago
No, I didn't stop for a second look
I made for the bridge that spans the brook
For once you cross that bridge, my friends
The ghost is through, his power ends

So when you're riding home tonight
Make for the bridge with all your might
He'll be down in the hollow there
He needs your head, look out, beware

With a hip-hip and a clippity-clop
He's out looking for a head to swap
So don't try to figure out a plan
You can't reason with a headless man


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday Meme

I'm thankful for plastic bags. They certainly are pawsome to nap on!

The Furry Kids
tagged me for a meme. Here goes . . .

The Rules Are:

1. Be honest!
2. Have fun!

1. How many calenders are in your home?
Mommy has one with kittens on it in the kitchen that the ex-Almost Dad gave her for Christmas last year. Those kittens are very cute, and mommy gets kitten fever when she looks at it.

2. What is your fave season?
Autumn for all of us, I think . . . but especially Holly. We love how frisky the cooler weather makes us!

3. What is your lucky number?
I think my lucky number is 5, because I was adopted by Mommy in May (the fifth month) and there are 5 of us furry babies.

4. What is your fave month?
October, because it is so funny to see Holly get excited about her broom rides. (Although I still don't believe she has actually had one.) Plus I get to give candy out to trick-or-treaters, and we furry babies always get presents.

5. Which do you like best, Planting seeds, Climbing trees, Jumping into a pile of leafs, or, building igloos?
I've never been allowed outside, but I think jumping into a pile of leaves sounds totally pawsome!

6. Now tag some people!
I tag the Purrageous Pirates!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Holiday Togetherness

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - I'm excited!

Hi kitties! Holly here, and I can tell you that FINALLY my mommy has gotten her rear in gear and gotten into the holiday spirit. She had me worried for a while . . . the only decoration she had out was her broom on the front door, which is very important, don't get me wrong, but there was NOTHING else out. I was frightened that I wasn't going to get my broom ride with her this year, but I just know I am now because our house is finally FESTIVE!

Look! Mommy even got a new broom! It says "Witch Parking, All Others Will Be Toad."

And we got a new tablecloth for our kitchen table, which Ivy decided matched her furs quite nicely.

There are jack o'lanterns on our coffee table.

And the top of our entertainment center has been decorated quite nicely. Even "Grandmama" (what mommy and Grandmama call the fiber optic witch skull) has been brought out.

Oh, kitties, I can't WAIT until Friday!!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mancat Monday - Grandpapa's Spooky Office

Every year Grandpapa's company has a door decorating contest for Halloween. On Sunday, instead of spending time cuddling with me, my mommy went with Grandmama and Grandpapa to his office and decorated his door. If he wins, I think his department gets to have something fun called a Pizza Party. The other time Mommy and Grandmama decorated his door for him, he won. I have my paws crossed that they win again this year!

Mommy forgot her camera (again) so she took pictures with her camera phone, which isn't all that great. I hope you can still see all the spooky stuff they did.

Here is Grandpapa's haunted office window.

And here is Grandpapa's spooky office wall and door.

I think mommy and Grandmama should be professional spooks.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frightful Friday Movie Review - The Halloween Tree

This week I am reviewing a movie that is well-written, educational, spooky, and a lot of fun. It is "The Halloween Tree," and is one of my personal Halloween favorites.

"The Halloween Tree" is based on a book written by the great science fiction and fantasy author, Ray Bradbury. He even narrates the film, using his own wonderfully descriptive phrasing. Leonard Nimoy is also featured as the voice of Mr.Moundshroud.

It is Halloween night, and four children are dressed and ready to trick or treat with their best friend, Pip. Tom is dressed as a skeleton, Jenny is dressed as a witch, Ralph is dressed as a mummy, and Wally is dressed as a monster. All are excited on this the most favorite of their holidays, Halloween. However, when they get to their meeting spot, Pip is not there. At first they think he is playing a trick on them, but when they get to his house they see an ambulance pull away and no Pip in sight.

Still half-believing it all has to be some sort of joke, the four call for their friend, and soon believe they see him running through the ravine. Following him, they come upon a large and spooky house, where they meet Mr. Moundshroud, a mysterious and frightening figure. As the sun fades and night falls, the large tree next to the house begins lighting up . . . with jack o'lanterns! Each one has a different face, and one looks exactly like Pip! Not only that, but it seems a ghostly Pip is reaching for the pumpkin. This upsets Mr. Moundshroud, who attempts to stop Pip, but to no avail, and soon both Pip and the pumpkin disappear. In order to follow Pip, the children all make a deal with Moundshroud to go with him and help him find Pip, still not understanding the connection Pip has with Moundshroud or what the importance of the pumpkin is. Along their adventures through Halloweens past, Moundshroud teaches them the meaning behind the holiday as well as the reason behind their costumes: skeleton, witch, mummy, and monster.

I give "The Halloween Tree" two paws up and a chirp, for being well-written, amusing, colorful, and for sharing the true meanings behind the Halloween season . . . meanings that are often overlooked. This is a definite must-see for beans and furries of every age.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Spooktacular Pictures!

I am very thankful to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends!

Thanks goes to Zoolatry for this wonderful Halloweeny picture of my handsome self.

And thanks goes to Diamond Emerald-Eyes for this pawsomely spooky picture, also of my handsome self!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - The Cats

Hitchcock's New Thriller: THE CATS

(Mommy really needs to clean her table off. That's just embarrassing.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - Holly

Right, Grandmama. We both know I'm just an afterthought. You took tons of pictures of Mommy with Tybalt, and only now are you taking one of me. No, I won't look at you. I don't care. Mommy is going without me to see a witch and she didn't even wear her pointy hat AND she didn't take ME and NOW YOU WANT ME TO LOOK PRETTY FOR THE FLASHY BOX?!

I don't think so.

I need some nip.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mancat Monday - Cuddle Time with Mommy

I was a little upset with Mommy on Saturday. She left me to go see the musical Wicked with the Purrageous Parents. (Holly was upset that mommy didn't take her to go see a musical about a witch, and was even more upset with mommy for not wearing her new dressy witch hat for the occasion.)

Grandmama came over and I got a little photoshoot with mommy before she left, though. I guess that made up for it a little bit.

See how much my mommy loves me?

Here you can see Holly trying to horn in on my photo shoot. SISTERS!!!!! *sigh*

Yes, mommy, I love you too. But I can't let you know it because I am upset that you are leaving me and won't be here for our usual bedtime. Smile all you want ... I won't forgive you.

Well, maybe I will purr for you. But just a little bit.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Frightful Friday Movie Review - House on Haunted Hill

This week we are going with a classic haunted house story with William Castle's "House on Haunted Hill."

House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Directed By: William Castle
Written By: Robb White

This is one of my mommy's favorite horror movies, which means I have seen it often. The biggest reason this is one of my mommy's favorites is because of this bean right here.

His name is Vincent Price, and my mommy has this compulsion to watch any and every movie he has ever been in. She loves him. Sometimes I don't understand my mommy. Why would she love a bean that specializes in creepy? Anyway, back to the movie review.

In this movie, Vincent Price plays an eccentric millionaire who, on his beautiful and spoiled wife's whim, invites five strangers to a party, guaranteeing whoever can stay in the haunted house overnight $10,000. Each of the guests has something to hide - as does the host and his wife. Not only is there an aura of suspicion surrounding each of the party members, but the house itself is not only haunted by one ghost, but by seven of them . . . all murderous and intent on increasing their numbers. From the very first moment the guests gather, strange things begin to happen. Are the spooky accidents just tricks to scare them created by their host, or are there more paranormal forces at work?

Soon there is a death among the party, and no one is sure whether to put the blame on one of their own, or on the deadly ghosts haunting the mansion. Amidst the ensuing paranoia, who is really safe? And who will fall victim next? Is the killer human, or is it a ghost?

"House on Haunted Hill" is a classic B-rated horror movie. Not only does it star Vincent Price, who is the King of Creepy, but it also has a legitimately spooky feel to it. Unless you are very sensitive to horror films in general, this movie is safe for you to watch. The spookiness is all in good fun, and at some moments is actually campy in a good way. There is also a twist in the end that makes for a chuckle or two, if you are as in to dark humor as my mommy is.

I give "House on Haunted Hill" two paws up and a chirp for being a fun and spooky classic.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We kitties have a lot to be thankful for.

Holly is thankful that mommy put out her favorite sign in the whole wide world.

I'm thankful that soon I'll be able to help give out candy to trick or treaters.

Ivy is thankful that she's been spared the flashy box this week because mommy has lived on facebook.

And we are all thankful for these great awards!

Camie's Kitties gave us this beautiful Butterfly Award.

Here are the rules:

And these are the rules:
~ Put the logo on your blog.
~ Add a link to the person who awarded you.
~ Nominate 10 other blogs.
~ Add links to those blogs on yours.
~ Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Goodness . . . 10 other blogs . . .

  1. The Furry Kids
  2. Diva Kitty and the Fluffies
  3. Purrageous Pirates
  4. Chica and Pumuckl
  5. My Sammie-pie and her bro Tig
  6. Kashim, Othello, and Salome
  7. Laila and Minchie
  8. Jimmy Joe
  9. Victor and Nina
  10. Kimo and Sabi

We also got this lovely award from Chica and Pumuckl!

These are the rules:

~Those who have received this award, can add the pic
~ Add a link to that person’s blog who awarded you
~ Choose 7 others to receive this award and add links to their blogs
~ Leave a message to their blogs so that they know about this

7 more blogs! Wow!

  1. Shadow, Molly, and Jake
  2. Mickey, Georgia, and Tillie
  3. Cheysuli, Georgia, and Gemini
  4. Diamond Emerald-Eyes
  5. Skittles the Huntress
  6. Sammy, Miles, and Billy Sweetfeets Norton
  7. Abby, Boo, Jinx, Ping, and Gracie

What a wonderful Thursday!


Happy Anniversary, Purrageous Parents!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Kitty Cheesecake Pose

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - I'm Ready!

I'm ready for our ride, Mommy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mancat Monday - Letter of Complaint

Dear Cousin Tybalt,

I am lodging a formal complaint to you about your mommy and her behavior.

Everytime your mommy comes over here, which is pretty much EVERYDAY, she forces unwanted attentions on me.

Your mommy holds me and snorgles me and tickles my toesies and gives me lots of kisses on my handsome head.

I know that she probably can't help herself, because after all I am a handsome and studly mancat with penetrating golden eyes and large mancatly paws. However, enough is enough. If your mommy cannot control herself, I will be forced to seek a restraining order against her.

I do not want your mommy's cooties.

Thank you for your time,

Cousin Rudy

Friday, October 10, 2008

Frightful Friday Movie Review - A Tale of Two Sisters

We have my Grandmama to thank for suggesting the movie to kick off our spooktacular October movie reviews! "A Tale of Two Sisters" is one of the spookiest movies my mommy has ever watched.

"A Tale of Two Sisters" is a Korean horror film based on a traditional Korean fairy tale. Su-Mi and Su-Yeon return to their home after having been hospitalized in a mental hospital after the death of their mother. There they are greeted by their pretty and well-groomed stepmother, and it soon becomes apparent that there is no love lost. The sisters retreat to their room, unhappy with the tension in their home.

Soon strange things begin happening. Su-Yeon awakens frightened after seeing a ghostly hand reaching around her bedroom door. Su-Mi has nightmares of a woman crawling towards her and her sister on the bed. And throughout it all, the girls are discouraged by their stepmother to "bother" their father.

Su-Mi is left to care for her sister Su-Yeon, protecting her from the cruel barbs of their stepmother and comforting her as they both continue to feel more and more isolated and frightened. When the stepmother begins seeing frightening visions as well, she blames the girls, saying strange things have been happening ever since they returned home.

Has the girls' presence really awakened a lonely and vengful ghost in the house? Or are there even darker and more sinister reasons for the strange occurences? What does their stepmother have to do with all of this, and why does she continue to discourage them from speaking to their father?

This movie is much too disturbing for young kits, pups, or beans. While nothing graphically violent happens in the movie, the whole film is imbued with an eerieness that will give the viewer chills. My fur kept standing on end just because it was so creepy! However, I couldn't make myself stop watching it, and even I was surprised by the twist at the end. Let me tell you, it is a major feat to surprise this kitty! I give "A Tale of Two Sisters" two paws up and a spooked arched back for being such a well-done, psychological horror film.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday With Dana






I'm going to give this to another great doggie friend, George!

I also got this SUPERNEATCOOL award from CAMIE!
She's one cool DOGGIE who lives with KITTIES!
Thanks so much, Camie!
I wanna give this to ISIS who is a new DOGGIE with kitty friends!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - How Much?

How much are those torties in the window?

Happy 16th Birthday, Uncle Sean!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - What Holly Sees

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mancat Monday - Festive

'Tis the season to be spooky!


Also, my friends over at Camie's Kitties gave me this great award! I've already received it and passed it along, so I won't do that again, but BOY! Am I ever happy I was presented with such a great award twice!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Movie Review - Hot Fuzz

This week my movie review is on the movie my mommy gave my grandmama for her birthday. It is "Hot Fuzz," which is from the same team who gave us "Shaun of the Dead." Both my mommy and grandmama love this movie, and I have to admit, I enjoy it as well.

Hot Fuzz (2007)
Directed By: Edgar Wright
Written By: Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

"Hot Fuzz" is a British comedy spoof of our American "police buddy" movies. Nick Angel is a highly skilled police officer in London - too skilled, as a matter of fact, since when he returns to work after medical leave he finds out he has been promoted and moved to the country, all because he has a 400% higher arrest record than any of the rest of his fellow police officers, and his competence is making the rest of them look bad. Nick finds himself moving to the small village of Sandford, where crime is uncommonly low, and paired with a new partner named Danny Butterman, who is not only the police chief's only and favored son, but is also obsessed with American "cop buddy" movies. Danny refuses to be dissuaded that Nick's career in London was unlike the action-packed movies he loves, such as "Point Break" and "Bad Boys II." Nick finds himself growing more and more frustrated as the only group who seems to care about keeping crime down in Sandford is the Neighborhood Watch Alliance, who actually have a room in the police station equipped with monitors that scan the entire town.

At first, the most action Nick sees is tracking down an escaped swan, and even that is unsuccessful. However, soon a locally high-profiled lawyer and his much younger girlfriend (known for her irritating laugh) are found dead, and while their deaths are ruled an accident, Nick finds the details suspicious. Soon more "accidents" follow, and Nick finds himself investigating what he believes to be a string of related murders. Is Nick correct, and will he successfully solve the crimes? Or is it all a case of "wishful thinking" on his part, since he has moved to quiet Sandford and experienced boredom for the first time, and as Danny accuses him, he "can't turn off?"

Now, this movie is not for young kittens, puppies, or beans. It is rated R for some good reasons: language and graphic violence. However, the graphic violence is, if you can believe it, part of the more comedic moments in this film. And really, so is the language. All the same, if you are offended by profanity and violence, you should probably skip this film. Otherwise, I highly recommend it to every mature furry and bean out there. I give "Hot Fuzz" two paws up and a whisker spread, for being full of humor and action that can definitely keep a kitty's interest!

Today is Grandmama and Grandpapa's 31st wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary, Grandmama and Grandpapa!