Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stormy Weather!

Mommy made it home to me right before the bad, bad, bad storm came on Tuesday night. We thought it was only a severe thunderstorm, but a tornado actually visited our area. Mommy was so impressed by how much hail we got, that she had to take a picture of it. Here is our back deck - our whole yard and the rooftops were all white with it, like it had just snowed!

Here is a little better look at the hail. It was small, but there was a lot of it. Some people close to us had ginormous hail! We were all very glad we didn't get that kind.
By 6:30 pm Tuesday night we had no power. Mommy opened all the windows she could and lit some candles. During the worst of the storm, she herded all of us furry babies into the basement, but when it passed we all got to roam the house wherever we liked. You can see in these pictures that even though it wasn't even 7:00 yet, it was already super dark outside because of all the bad weather.
Here is Dana on the back of the loveseat. She has one of our kitty toys in her mouth! She's super happy she's inside and not outside, and she's even more excited that she is getting to romp free in the house.
Here is a close-up of her . . . see how she is smiling? Our poor kitty toy will never be the same, though.
Here I am on the kitchen counter asking for more temptations. I was a little bad, because I wouldn't follow mommy into the basement. After my solo adventure down there with Ivy, I never want to go down there again. I sat at the top of the steps all poofed up and watched everyone else go in and out of the basement, but I wouldn't do it. I was glad I really didn't have to go down there. I may have scratched mommy a little bit if she had made me. *embarrassed*
Here is Loki, taking his turn on the back of the loveseat. That is the doggies' favorite spot. Loki was just relaxing after all the excitement. He was upset the air conditioner and fans weren't working, though. Loki hates to be warm. He loves cool breezes blowing through his furs. You can tell he is panting a little bit.

Here is Loki having himself a good skritch. He barked at the loud storm while it was going on, but then he calmed down when it got quiet again. However, when it was bed time, he kept crying and begging to be let back out so that he could check out what all the neighbors were doing since they were all busy with the storm clean-up. This didn't make mommy very happy with him.

Are you wondering where the Tortie Twins were?

They were down in the basement exploring and ignoring mommy! Mommy finally convinced them it was better to be upstairs than downstairs. Holly came up first (of course.) Ivy took a lot more convincing.

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Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Holy moly! We are so happy you are all safe from that terrible storm! It looks like heaven opened up all it's ice cube trays and poured them down on your house!


Are you near Atlanta? Momma has relatives in Lawrenceville and she said that they called and told us they were in the basement because the weather was so bad. We watched it on the Weather Channel and it looked real severe. Momma always gets nervous with the advent of hurricane season approaching. Ever since 2004 and we had 5 storms come through with lots of tornadic activity she gets really upset with those kinds of storms. WE don't have a basement ... Florida is basically a swamp, so basements would only fill with water. She worries about catching all of us and putting us in the bathroom if there were bad enough warnings. We are glad you are all alright that was alot of hail!

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness that looks like a scairty storm. Thank goodness you are all safe. We are starting to get ready for hurricane season here.

Anonymous said...

Yipes! We're SO glad you're all OK!!

We're in south GA. We just got a little thunderstorm, although they issued a tornado watche for us and there was a tornado warning just sough of us. We don't have a basement. Nana seriously wishes we did. Mom says if we ever move again it will be up near the mountains in north GA, so we'll have more of a seasonal change and a basement!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a mess! Glad you had no damage. It must have been scary at the time.

LZ said...

That is SO askeery!!! The Lap Lady is totally terrified of tornadoes and I think she might have freaked out if she was in your house. I hope I never have to go in our basement again (we broke in once) its icky and their is dirt and stuff.


George the Pup said...

Wow what a scary storm! If that had happened here Jake would have been down in the basment and up into the rafters like a blur :-)

It's nice to see you Dana & Loki - thanks for visiting! Aren't kitty toys great to play with?


Samantha & Mom said...

WOWie, what a storm! We are glad you are all okay!! I'll take you adventuring with me any time handsome Tybalt!
Purrrrrrrrrrrs and nosekisses,

Lux said...

What a hellacious storm you had - woo! Glad you're all okay ...

Wedding Guest said...

Gee whiz!!!!! Glad you are OK after all that! Hail is hurty, so it is nice to be indoors :) Did ya have fun playing in the dark? heehee, Hope there was no damage :)
Purrs Mickey

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Oh no, how scary! I am glad you are alright. We have storms like that here too and the hail just cuts all the leaves off the bushes and trees. It is super scary.

Motor Home Cats said...

Hi Doggies. We are glad that you are okay. We had tornado warnings here too. We never get those - all we have to worry about are earthquakes usually.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Motor Home Cats said...

Hi Ivy and Holly,

Did you have fun playing in the basement. We don't have a basement. What are they like?


michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Sorry for the bad weather, but I am glad seeing you are all fine.
Those photos of storm is really scarey!! I wonder how did it go?

Ana said...

Wow, what a storm! We are happy nothing happened to you and you are all well!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Wow! That's a lot of hail! I'm so glad your family made it through the thunderstorm and tornado okay.