Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tortie Tuesday Update

Holly here with an update.

Ivy is now using the litterbox again. Mommy praises her every time she catches her. That's the good news.

The bad news is that Tybalt is still refusing to follow her example.

The FD has a new theory - he thinks Tybalt may have new jealousy issues stemming from the Blurp's transition from her infant car seat to her new big girl car seat. Now instead of seeing the FD carry the CCB down to the car every morning in her carseat, Tybalt sees Mommy carrying the CCB down to the car.

Mommy is still giving us extra nip and attention and skritches when she gets home every night, and she's planning a trip to the V-E-T for Tybalt when her green papers get replenished at the end of this month. In the meantime the couch is covered by training pads.

However, mommy's fall classes start next week, so there may be new upset on the way for the Prince. She still plans on helping us blog at least once a week, so we will keep you posted on any new developments.

Tybalt says he has plans for a movie review this Friday. Anyone interested in his opinion of "Inception?"

(Here is an oldie but a goodie picture of me and my cute extra toesies and gorgeous tortie furs.)

6 meows:

Jans Funny Farm said...

Tybalt, you really must stop peeing the couch and use the litterbox. We hope you do this soon.

The Island Cats said...

Oh Holly! You are so cute!!

We are glad Ivy is using the litterbox again, but Tybalt, you gotta start using it too! You know your mom loves you!!! So don't be jealous, okay??

Jacqueline said...

Precious photo!...Good news about Ivy; sorry Tybalt seems to be a hold out!...Good luck with that...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Samantha & Mom said...

I would like Tybalt to review Inception!! It sounds cool and Mom wants to see it!!
Purrrrr and Huugggs to my Prince,

Everycat said...

Well done Ivy, what a nice relaxed litter using gal! Good tortie girl.

Now Tybalt, what is still bothering you big fella? Our Mum thinks your FD is probably right on the money about the car seat issue. Spray that Feliway alllll around the door and the stairs - then maybe let Tybalt have the CCB's special car seat near the stairs for a while so he can see and smell that it's still there and all is well. Er, maybe have it so that Tybalt can't hop up into it and pee?

Yeah we'd like to know what Inception is about, the apes see the trailer on TV and keep on about seeing it.

Whicky Wuudler

The Meezers or Billy said...

has you tried calming collars? We think they werk like magic and maybe would help Tybalt wif his jealousy issues.

Tybalt, we is interested if you're doing the movie review tomorrow!