Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tortie Tuesday and Meme

In honor of Tortie Tuesday, here are some illustrations of the nightly routine for the Terrible Tortie Twins.

Holly loves to leap from the counter to the kitchen table, and from the kitchen table to the back of the loveseat in the living room. Here she is leaping from the counter to the table.

As mentioned before, the twins LOVE doggie stinky goodness. No one loves it more than Ivy. Here she is cleaning up the last bits of gravy from Loki and Dana's stinky goodness.

My good friends Marie and Queen Snickers tagged me, Tybalt, for a meme! It sounds like a really interesting one, too. I am going to put a lot of thought into my answers!

The rules are: you have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to

Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

1) I would help my mommy start a no-kill shelter for any kind of furry that needed rescued and helped to find a forever home. Of course, I would have to be the spokescat and mascot for this endeaveor. "Prince Tybalt says 'Respect Pets!'"

2) I would sneak out and go with mommy whenever she leaves the house. She leaves for things like "work" and "the store" and NEVER takes me with her. I definitely think that needs to change.

3) I would go outside and see what it is like to hunt birdies. I love watching them outside, but I think it would be even more fun to chase them . . . although I am a little scared of the outside.

And I tag these three kitties:

1) MoMo
2) Parker
3) Pyewacket

15 meows:

Monkee said...

I would like to go outside myself but it looks awfully cold. Also, they have the snow makers on which means it's definitely below freezing. I'll stay inside where it's nice and warm.

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Mommy has said when she gets rich she is going to start a rescue and let Aunt Susan be the lead vet. Daddy wants us to do this in the Florida Keys and call it Keys Kitties.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

All three things that you would do are wonderful, Tybalt! We like all three of them.

Daisy said...

Oh, Holly, you are a cat after my own heart. Jumping all around is loads of fun!

DEBRA said...

Oh Tybalt you are wonderful....


Sunny's Mommy said...

I can't believe they like dog food!! LOL

Those are all good things to want to do. However, I don't know if you'd really like going out with Mommy. That would mean getting in the PTU and riding in a car :-0

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Those are great things to do! If I didn't get car sick I would want to go with my momma everywhere. Have you meet my cousins yet? You and your momma would like them, especially Kirara who is named after an anime kitty. You can link though my blog. ~Queen Snickers

topcatrules said...

Woo hoo! Coolies! A meme for me!!

I shall have a jolly good think. I said that in my English accent then, because I was pretending to be like Yao-lin. :)

MoMo said...

Thanks for the tag. Hmmm, have to think about it - 3 things - but there are 30 things that I would do if I know I would get caught!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

wow Holly! look at you jump! great job. Careful Ivy, Bedrix is afraid you'll get your face caught in there. He is jealous cause you're allowed on the kitchen counter and he isn't.

I think your 3 things is great Tybalt! Especially about the shelter. We all need to win the lottery!

PB & J said...

That's a wonderful list Tybalt!

What is it with Torties and doggie food? Pearl eats George's crunchies all the time - even when our bowl is full she'll break in to the bin where Mommy keeps the food for the dog! Torties are crazy.


JB's Big World said...

Those are great things that you mention!

Mickey said...

Hahahahaha!!! We all want to go outside !! The shelter is neat though :)
Georgia thinks your sisfurs are pretty :)
Purrs Mickey

michico*Adan said...

Oah Wowww...I think all of your doing are great~~ These are really great things to do!

The Furry Bambinos said...

Hi Tybalt, those are great photos. I never realized doggy stinky goodness tasted good to kitties!

I tagged you for the nicknames meme, so stop by for the info!

Panda Bear