Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tybalt the Space Kitty!

Thanks to MoMo for suggesting that we all turn into space kitties today to celebrate the shuttle launch! I decided to try and play around with paint last night, and here is what I managed to come up with.

I am a spacey alien mancat!

On a more serious note, several kitties that we all know and love are going through hard times, as are their bean parents. I wanted to take a moment to let all of you kitties know how much we all care about you, and that you are in our prayers. We are all purring very hard for you. Special purrs and headbutts go out to Icon's sister Chloe, who they discovered just yesterday is very ill with secondary viremia Feline Leukemia Virus. My mommy lost a special kitty to Feline Leukemia when she was a child, so mommy's eyes have been leaking lots for Chloe and her family.

I was listening to the radio with my mommy yesterday and this song by Pink came on . . . "Who Knew?" Parts of the song reminded me and mommy of all the special kitties who have gone over the bridge, and we wanted to share it with you today. Here is an excerpt from the song.

I'll keep you locked in my head

Until we meet again

I won't forget you my friend

What happened. . . ?

That last kiss

I'll cherish

Until we meet again

And time makes it harder

I wish I could remember

But I keep your memory

You visit me in my sleep

My darling

Who knew?

My darling

I miss you

My darling

Who knew?

11 meows:

Emma's Kat said...

Great Space kitty look ya got there Tybalt. And may I just say, I love your name! Very moving words indeed to Pink's song. Definately a song for our kitties that have gone to the Bridge.

TT said...

That song always makes mommy beans eyes leak.

We likes your space picture, you look likes a cute alien. Were you the one stealing all the leaves off the trees? :)

Captain Jack and Dante said...

We loves your space alien picture! Very creative. Reading those lyrics made Mommy's eyes want to leak. We are purring for all of our friends, that is for sure!

Maggy & Zoey said...

Tybalt... up in starry skies.... so pretty... you are NOT an alien.
Prayers for all the friends who need them...

Gemini said...

We are very sad about Chloe. Momma had a cat with FELV and then it infected the whole household, even though they were vaccinated. She is very worried about Icon.

DEBRA said...


Furry good picture of you being a spacey kitty. Have yu efur though to try out to be an astrocat?

We feels furry furry bad for Chloe is so hard to lose one of us and our heart ache and break for all of them.

Purrs for Chloe and family....

Abby & Boo

Sunny's Mommy said...

You make a very cool alien mancat!

That is very sad news about Chloe :-(

Queen Snickers said...

That was very moving Tybalt, we are all leaky eyed here now! btw you are a great space kitty! sniff sniff

Dragonheart said...

That's a nice song. You make a very cool space kitty, Tybalt!

Daisy said...

Tybalt, you are a great space kitty!

My eyes leaked too, when I read that song. I am very sad about Chloe, and all the other friends we have lost.

MoMo said...

That's very thoughtful posting. I don't know the song but the lyrics is very moving. I do like your antennae, fellow astrokitty.