Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - Ivy Worries

Mommy is worried about me.

At first, she thought I was being all in her business (even more than usual) because I could feel Fall in the air. After all, Tybalt and Holly and the doggies are friskier than usual, the way they get every year as the seasons change.

But instead of just playing thundering herd of elephants, or playing scream at mommy to be let out even though I know I'm never allowed outside, I started being more of a Velcro Kitty.

I started acting like Tybalt.

And then, I started becoming even more of a Velcro Kitty than Tybalt. And mommy didn't think that was possible.

Mommy hasn't slept in four nights now, because I won't leave her alone. And I don't leave her alone in very kittenish and painful ways. I talk constantly, in a little kittenish quack/squawk. I sit on her. I walk on her. I pat her face and her arms . . . with my claws fully out. I burrow under the covers and bite her. If she gets on to me or puts me off the bed, then I just jump right back up and scream at her, and then get her with my claws again. I sit on her head, like Tybalt, and hold on to her for dear life . . . with all of my claws extended and digging in to her scalp. If my mommy finally has enough and puts me out of the bedroom and shuts the door, I sit right outside of it and scream and claw at it. No matter what she does, I won't leave her alone, and she gets no sleep.

Mommy has checked me out. I am perfectly healthy. I don't have an earache or a toothache. My tummy is fine. My appetite is healthy.

Mommy has come to the conclusion that I am lonely and having separation anxiety. I was the only furry baby that bonded super close with the ex-Almost Dad, and she thinks I finally understand he isn't coming back.

Mommy has been giving me extra attention and doing her best to be patient with me, even when I dig in all of my claws and scream for attention in her sleeping face.

If anyone has any more suggestions about what she can do, please let her know. Mommy really needs her sleep, and she really needs her babies to be happy.

18 meows:

Camie's Kitties said...

Oh Ivy, we are sorry that you are missing the almost dad so much, and are grieving for him. We don't have any suggestions for you, we are sorry.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Ivy, do you want me to come over and snuggle with you?


Kellykat said...

Our Meowmy used to watch a TV show about kitties and they always suggested playing with toys and tiring the kitties out right before you need to sleep. Maybe that will do the trick.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

Anonymous said...

OH My Poor little Ivy!! She sounds like she is scarded that you is going to leave her too :(
Here is a web-site about kitty grieving
But basically all you can do is reassure and nurture more than ever.. Just like humans we miss peoplez too!
This is so very sad :(
We hopez you feel better soon Dear Ivy!!

goldenshade said...

That sounds so sad Ivy!!

You must really miss almost Dad. Maybe you realized the time passing when the new season came. Hopefully some extra cuddles will help.

How old are you? Sometimes kitties act like that at night due when they get a little senile. I think you are way too young for that though.

Hope your mom gets some sleep soon!

Purrs Goldie and Shade

Parker said...

Poor Ivy! Maybe some playtime and a snack before bed would help.
Smooches to you!

Alasandra said...

Ivy, we are sorry you miss ex almost dad so much.

Maybe some catnip before bed time to wear you out so you'll sleep. ~S,S & C

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh Ivy we guessed that might have been the reason. We suggest some Rescue Remedy in your water and perhaps a feliway diffuser. We've never used either but we hear they both help a lot.


jenianddean said...

I hope you can find a good solution. I know nerves can get the best of us and turn us a little crazy sometimes. But we also have to let Mom sleep. Good luck!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh poor you! I know you miss your person! We had a meeze who had that happen (before me of course) and she never stopped being a totally velcro kitty--of course she had been left several times before she was adopted by my humans (who then split up). It's hard to be a cat.

Lux said...

Chey said that very well. I'm sendimg lots of hugs and purrs to you, Ivy.

DEBRA said...


I am so sorry you are feeling so stressed. Your poor Mommie is needing her rest though...if all else fails (as in the suggestions you've gotten) you may want to ask your vet what they do in cases like this. We will continue to send our purrs your way.


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh poor Ivy!! All the above suggestions are good! Playing lots before bedtime is good and it makes us kitty's tired and sleepy!
Your FL furiends,

Hey Tybalt, wanna come over and help me shred the paper in my box!!

Shadow / Molly said...

The mom gives us nip if we act wild. Also a spray called Feliway helped TT when she was nervous or upset, to calm her down.

Daisy said...

Ah, poor little Ivy. I am sorry she is having some separation anxiety. Everybuddy has already left very good suggestions!

Sweet Praline said...

Poor Miss Ivy and poor mommy! I am sorry that you are missing the ex-almost dad, but your mom loves you. I wish I knew what to say to help your mom out, but maybe some of the other suggestions will help out.

Skittles, The Huntress said...

I get the same way. Separation anxiety is a real problem.

Do you have a special blankie? Or a toy that you like. It's important that your mom makes sure they are available. I have a Pendleton blanket that works for me. Something that smells like me.

I hope this helps.

Skittles, The Huntress

Sunny's Mommy said...

No suggestions, but the ones left sound good. I hope you will soon calm down at night, Ivy, and allow your Mommy to sleep. She needs her sleep.

Forty Paws said...

Well, our Jenny was walking around and howling at night, and when we finally took her to the vet, they found out she has hyperthyroidism. Very easy to medicate because the pill is tiny and doesn't taste, so you can hide it. At any rate, you might want to take her in and have her checked out and have some blood taken, just to be sure...

Luf, Us