Monday, August 25, 2008

Mancat Monday - Mancat Update

Happy Mancat Monday, everykitty!

I had a pretty good weekend. That nasty storm Fay was much nicer to us up here in north Georgia than she was to all of our friends to the south. We got a lot of nice wind, but no rain. Mommy even opened up the windows so that we kitties could enjoy the nice breeze! It felt almost, well, autumnal around here. Holly even started talking about full moons and broom rides. (It's a little early for Halloween, sis!)

Mommy really enjoyed her classes last week. I think she was a little surprised by how much. They have given her a lot to think about, and she has already met a few people in them that she is pretty sure she will be friends with. In one of her classes, she will have to be in a group to debate. She's never had to debate before, so that is a new challenge for her. I think she's looking forward to it.

As for us kitties, we've been even more talkative and snuggly than usual. Mommy isn't sure if we are happy that she is all ours again, or if maybe we are missing the ex-Almost Dad. I don't think it has dawned on her that we know she was upset and so have been trying our hardest to make her feel better. PLUS she comes home late two nights a week now, and we don't like that AT ALL. I mean, Grandmama comes over and takes care of us, and we love her, but Grandmama isn't the same thing as Mommy.

And, in other news, Camie's Kitties gave us this TOTALLY PAWSOME award!!!!

Isn't it great? We were all super excited to get it. You should have seen Dana doing her "I got an award!" wiggle dance. Even Loki smiled.

I think we are supposed to pass it along to five friends. . . which is hard to do. We love you all! I think we will give it some more thought, and then pass it along later. We may have to let Dana present the award, because she is just THAT excited about it.

And also . . . .
Thanks for all you do, Mo!!!!

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Evie/VampyVictor said...

Ohh that is so wonderful for your momma, I guess it's true, one door closes another opens.
And it's a haha at silly momma not realizing how much we feelz their pain too and try and make it better, one day they will wake up...
Midnight face boofing required!! ;)

Purrageous Pirates said...

Its raining now guys, that is for sure - look out your window! Mommy says that our Mommys met in classes so maybe your Mommy will make lots of new friends - none as important as our Mommy of course!!

The Island Cats said...

Glad you had a good weekend....

Mom says don't use the F word...(Fall)! She's not ready for cold weather yet!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Forty Paws said...

Oh we're so ready for the Fall!!! Yes sir ree! We're glad that your Mom likes her classes so well. That is great news.

Luf, Us

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Happy Mancat Monday to you too Tybalt! It feels like a fall day here in ChiTown too. We are very excited because mom opens the windows for us and we can air our our furs.

That's good that your mom is keeping busy but not too busy to slack off on her duties at home.


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Oh Tybalt, that is a handsome picture of you! We are so glad Fay was nice to you! Mom made a video of me and it is at our Easy Like Sunday Morning post! Hope you enjoy it!
Nose kisses,

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations on your award!!!

Earl Grey said...

Congratulations on your award!
We're glad that your mom likes her classes. It's good that you guys gave her lots of snuggles - I bet they helped her feel lots better.

Happy Monday to you guys!

The Meezers said...

Concatulations on your award!!!!!


Gandalf and Grayson said...

We're glad you enjoyed Fay. Us, not so much. We had some flooding here and lots of branches fell, too. All in all, not nearly so bad as the hurricanes we had when we lived in Florida. Mom is very much looking forward to the nice Autumn weather. She's very tired of being hot & sticky and having big air conditioning bills.

Congratulations on your pretty award!

Daisy said...

Happy Mancat Monday! I am glad you did not get too much bad weather from Fay. Congratulations on your award, too!

Kavan said...

Glad you are all OK! Concats on the award!


catsynth said...

We're glad you're doing OK. Sounds like the storm outside didn't affect you very much, and that the family is moving on from the "storm inside."

It's good to give your mom extra attention right now - maybe also a little "guilt" for coming home so late ;)

DEBRA said...

Concats on your award!

*woo hoo*

We is glad your Mommy is enjoyin her new classes, we are sure she will do very well in them.


Alasandra said...

Mommy said she enjoyed her debate classes a zillion years ago when she was in college. We are sure your Mommy will do fine and enjoy hers too. ~S, S & C

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Tybalt, it is so sweet of all of you to keep your Mommy's spirits up the way you are ... that and the fact that she is enjoying her classes so much will help out a lot for her. Tell her we will be rooting for her when it comes time for her debate!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and simon

Cats said...

We iz glad that you are all doing well ~ stay strong and happy ~ sending you our bestest wishes..

PB 'n J said...

We're glad you missed any of Fay's aftermath (we're hoping it doesn't come up here and ruin the holiday weekend :-).

We all know why your Mommy is getting attention, she'll figure it out soon enough!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Congratulations on your award! It's very well deserved :-)

Autumnal!! Don't say that word. I hate to think that summer will be over soon :(

Eric and Flynn said...

Concatulations on your award. We are glad your mum is enjoying her classes. We didn't know about the almost dad and we have been doing catch up. It sounds to us like your mum was too good for him anyway and he needs to do some growing up. We hope her heart is healing. Mr. Right is out there waiting for her.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

wow ... i jus read abowt yer almost dad.
i'm sorry.
pleez giv yer mom a headbutt fer me.

JB's Big World said...

I think your mom will be ok with all the love you all are giving her. Keep it up, ok?

Mickey said...

Co0l breezes!!! Mom said we should get some soon. I hope so,because it rained today and then was sunny and very sticky!!!!
I am happy your Mom is liking her classes and met some cool beans :) I bet she is happy to have all of you too!
Great award too ;)

Aren't we lucky to have Mo around!! He is cool :)
Purrs Mickey

Camie's Kitties said...

We are so glad that you enjoyed your award. We couldn't leave out Cody's best friends.

We are so glad your mom is enjoying her classes. Mom is trying to get back to school too.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Liss said...

I've been aiming to tell you that I just LOVE your little picture on your profile and that is left when you comment, makes me chuckle each time I see it.