Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Movie Review - The Dark Knight

Kitties, you may remember how my Mommy and Almost Dad went to the movies WITHOUT ME. Well, I was once again forced to take matters into my own paws. I liberated mommy's magic plastic card from her wallet and had Loki drive me to the nearest theatre in my Igor Kittenovsky disguise, all so that I could provide you kitties with a hot-off-the-presses review of "The Dark Knight."

So, sit back and grab yourself some popcorn (or temptations) and enjoy today's movie review! (Next week we will resume our Reader's Requests!)

Alright kitties. I am sure that most of you are familiar with who Batman is, and I am sure you have seen at least one if not more of the previous Batman movies. In this second Nolan brothers installment, we see Batman fight his legendary nemesis, The Joker. Now kitties, my mommy's favorite comic book villain of all time is The Joker. She was a huge fan of Jack Nicholson's portrayal, as well as Mark Hamill's voice acting in "Batman: The Animated Series." I was naturally curious to see how the recently deceased Heath Ledger did in the role. I also wanted to see how Christian Bale managed to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, which can be very challenging.

We'll start off with Christian Bale. Apparently to ladybeans, he is very attractive. I suppose I can see how he would be. I know my mommy says he is "hot," whatever that means. But kitties, he is JUST NOT Batman. He makes a passable Bruce Wayne, if Bruce Wayne was a fluffy-headed, narcissistic playboy, instead of the quirky yet serious industrialist/entrepreneur we have historically known him to be. However, once he dons the suit, he loses any credibility he might otherwise have. I think the problem is that he is trying too hard. After all, Batman is an icon beloved by millions, and Michael Keaton's shoes are hard to fill. (The other Batmen found that true much to their dismay.) There is no shame in not being able to pull off a good Batman, so I hope Mr. Bale isn't losing any sleep over the fact that instead of having a husky and mysterious voice, his Batman sounds angry and constipated. Or, for those of you who may watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network like my mommy does, he sounds almost exactly like Nathan Explosion from "Metalocalypse."

Mommy still thinks he's cute, though.

Now, on to Heath Ledger. If people weren't too sure who he was before, believe me kitties, the world certainly knows who he is now.

My mommy has been a fan of Mr. Ledger for years, and I can't count how many times I've watched "A Knight's Tale" with her, which is one of his early works.

To understand how incredible and really out of the norm The Joker role is for Heath, here is a picture of Heath before The Joker came into his life.

Handsome, isn't he? (Even if he isn't a mancat.) Mommy loves his curls. And his eyes. And his smile. And his Australian accent. She also deems Heath "hot."

Now, let me present to you a picture of Heath as The Joker.

Do you find this picture disturbing?

Let me tell you kitties: YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET.

Heath Ledger's interpretation of The Joker is perhaps the best portrayal of a completely disassociated sociopath I have ever seen on the silver screen. Kitties, it is incredible. He manages to make you laugh, even as he creeps you out. You admire his brilliance, while at the same time wishing he will be stopped. You almost hate to watch, but your eyes are glued to the screen. And kitties, the opening scenes with The Joker and his planned bank robbery are perhaps the best crime-ridden movie moments this kitty has yet seen. This movie is made great by Ledger's performance. What might otherwise have done only respectably in the box office has now exploded into an incredibly popular phenomenon thanks to Heath Ledger and The Joker. Quite simply, The Joker IS the movie. The rest of the plot seems to be only fillers for The Joker's next scene. Even Batman is only a minor character for The Joker to play off of. Ledger dominates the film, and when you leave all you will be able to do is talk about him.

However, what makes this movie so incredibly pawsome also makes it a movie that young beans, puppies, kits, and sensitive adult kitties, doggies, and beans may not be able to see. There is a lot of violence. A LOT. And disturbing images. And really, The Joker. The Joker is what makes this movie not so kit-friendly. So be warned beforehand if your beans were thinking of taking any sticky little beans with them. Mommy says she saw one man walk out with his boy sticky bean for a few parts.

I give "The Dark Knight" two paws up, a chirp, and a tail poof - all thanks to THE JOKER!

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Karen Jo said...

I loved reading the Batman comics as a child and I think this movie is too far away from what I liked about it for me to enjoy it. Thank you for the review.

Camie's Kitties said...

That was a great review. We aren't going to be going to see it. Mom said that it seems too disturbing to her, and she doesn't like "super hero" movies that much anyway.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

michico*Adan said...

Michico has watched this movie already, she likes this movie very very much as well.

Too bad Heath Ledger was gone to the bridge, Oah He is very very very talent~!!!

The Dark Knight might be the best BatMan series movie ever...

The Meezers said...

mom wants to see it!


Anonymous said...

Great review, Tybalt. Mom says we'll get it when it comes out on DVD.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Wow! Sounds scary to us! Mom likes all Super Hero movies except Batman! We don't think she has seen any of them! But this ones sounds interesting, so she said she might go. Thanks for your Friday review it was great as always!
Your FL furiends,

PS: If you like 3D Movies, you have to go see Journey To The Center Of The Earth! It is fantastic! Mom said she yelled out loud one time! (hehehehehe)
Smoochie kisses,

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

The Lap Lady just went to see this movie the other day and agrees with your mom. She also found it a bit it should have ended with the explosion and the 2-face stuff should have been a sequel or something. Anyhow, the Joker was amazing.


jenianddean said...

Thanks for the review. Mom and Dad are thinking of going this weekend, maybe.

Sweet Praline said...

Thanks for the review. Mom went to see it last week and even though she thought Heath was brilliant as the Joker and she loves the Batman movies, she thought this movie went about 30 minutes too long. When you think the movie should end, a whole new story seems to begin.

DEBRA said...

I am glad you donned your disguise, your review was fantastic and Momma really enjoyed every bit of it.


Daisy said...

My Mommie really wants to see this movie. But she always just waits for it to come out on DVD.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

although we agree that Michael Keaton is the bestest ever Batman, mommy thinks Christian Bale did a great job. his voice didn't bother her as much as it did other people. she too thinks he is hot.

we are totally with you on Heath Ledger. his awesome performance makes it even more tragic he is at the Bridge because he had so much talent yet to show us.

we also believe it is NOT for young beans. it is PG-13 for a reason, and even then, depending on the 13 year old...

Bendrix can't wait to find out what Ivy did to the laptop. Are there pictures??? He is sooper excited to find out.

Artsy Catsy said...

Tybalt, thank you so much for coming to visit me - I need all the friends I can get, because right now I look more like The Joker than handsome Heath! Everyone is being so wonderful and helping me out with purrs & purrayers and even some green papers for the vet. I'm going to see him at 4:30 and I'll be glad, because I've stopped walking on my front paws because they're so hurty.

Your new friend,

Sunny's Mommy said...

I can't wait to see this movie!

The Island Cats said...

Mom and dad haven't seen this movie yet...and when they do, they won't be taking us, they said. RATS!! After reading your review, we want to see it too!! Maybe when it comes out on DVD (whatever that is but we hear mom and dad say that all the time about movies).

Have a great weekend!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

heehee!! I love your Igor Kittenovsky disguise.

Thank you for telling us a bit about this movie. Mom still doesn't know if she wantsta go or not. She's a comic book geek and is too geeky about the way they re-do comic book movies.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Tybalt, we are glad you were able to sneak out to catch the flick! Daddy has some of the Batman movies on DVD, and we know he will wait 'til this one comes out too, because him and Momma have only been to the movies ONCE in 16 years! They can be boring ... hee hee! We liked your disguise, we hardly recognized you! And Heath does look disturbing as the Joker! Have a Happy Friday!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Mickey said...

Great review!! Mom said that she read about how the director amplified Batman's voice so it sounded wierd! Maybe he went too far! heeheehee We like Michael Keaton too,( Beetlejuice )

Purrs Mickey

Shadow / Molly said...

Yup the mom and the big male bean guy wants to see that movie. I will has to tell them that it was furry good. It'll get them out and Shadow and I can get into trouble! hehe

~ Molly ~

Anonymous said...

It was such a shame about Heath Ledger. It's obvious that the man had a great gift.

The Cat Realm said...

I haven't seen the movie - but our maid just did and she whole-heartedly agrees with you!
Ledgers performance was brilliant!
Also brilliant was the 3 minute performance by the little weasel who wanted to blackmail Batman!
And while Christian Bale is a superb actor he just does not have the physique to play Batman - he's too small-boned, is what the maid said.
Mrs. OZ

The Furry Kids said...

The Mom hasn't seen this yet, but she really wants to. Thanks for the great review.


PS - Thanks for the suggestion about my evil twin's name. heh heh

Veronica (& Fig) said...

hey! that is a great review. my mombean also thinks these things like those actors are "hot". I do not get this because I do not like to be hot, in fact this summer is too hot so why would you wants someone beans to be hot!? I do not get it. but i think my beans are probably going to buy this movie on DVDs when it comes out since my dadbean likes batman a lot. then I will probably get to watch it. although Figaro will not be allowed since he is not 16 cat-years old yet. and it is R.


Liss said...

Heath was great as the Joker, I give you that, but I think Christian Bale makes an awesome Batman and Batman (the character) was the real star of this movie.